I checked my cell phone again. Nothing. Id called Kurt several times throughout the day, feeling at a loss of what to do. I needed information about Cosette. I knew he'd kept her at a distance more or less, and so didn't mention much about her with me. I got out of my car in the zoo parking lot. The only message id received all day was to pick Amelia up here. Now I had to pretend I didn't know why... at least I didn't have to pretend to be frustrated. I was ticked at Kurt for somehow managing to be better at something that wasn't even his idea. My phone beeped, the ringtone for a text message. It was from Kurt.

"Off to Cosettes" it read.

I shoved the device in my pocket. Kurt. Here he was successfully stealing my girlfriend, while still keeping his own relationship intact. I resisted the urge to growl and put a smile on my face when Amelia approached the car.

"You have a good day at the zoo?" I asked innocently opening her door for her.

"Yeah. It was great." She said, getting in. "We--I saw all the exhibits I wanted to see."

I got in the car and buckled up. "I'm sorry I couldn't take you. I know you've been wanting to go."

"Its okay,  I know you've been busy."

We sat in the car in silence, driving down the highway. I turned on the radio for something to listen to beside my own thoughts.

I could I have been such an idiot, agreeing to that stupid bet. Now I was losing Amelia to Kurt, and there didnt seem to be anything I could do about it. I restrained from pounding the steering wheel in frustration. "Distract me please." I muttered.

"Distract you from what?" Amelia asked, always curious.

"The fact you went to the zoo, with a stranger."

"Hey, I wanted to go to the zoo. I've been wanting to go to the zoo for a long time, you know that. But I didnt go with anyone."

"But you said 'we'." I glanced at her, her face was guilty. That'll show Kurt for making it seem so easy. It'll show Amelia, you cant put one over on me!

"I ran into someone I knew there." She explained, with stressed patience. "Thats all. You dont have to be so paranoid!"

We'd reached her apartment. Amelia opened her door before I could get out to do it, slammed it closed behind her, making my ears pop, and marched inside. I put my head in my hands. Blew it again! This needed to change, and fast.

The End

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