A Business ArrangementMature

Amelia and I were munching away on some hot dogs she had bought from the food place where I pretended to know everybody there, ignoring their confusion at my familiarity with them.
Things were going alright to be honest, difficult to keep up the play, but Amelia was having fun, and it kinda made her look cute if I say so myself.

But it was time for me to make my magic happen. I turned on my phone quickly to send a text to the guy I had bribed substantially earlier this morning to give me and my date an ‘employee’ tour.
I noticed that I had a few missed calls from Cosette, oh dear, she must think I'm at work. I turned my phone off quickly before she got through.


After an hour of wandering about the zoo, we came to the African exhibit. We saw all the kids lining up to give peanuts to the elephants on the over side of the barrier, they were laughing when their trunks tickled their hands.

Amelia went straight up to the trunks and held out some peanuts in her hands and giggled madly when they were vacuumed from her palms. Elephants were pretty neat animals, I did like them. I went up and pulled her away so I could speak to her.

“You like elephants, right?” I asked her playfully.
“I love them! Their ears are so big and droopy!” She replied with a laugh.
“How would you like to meet them?” I asked seriously.
“Meet them?” She replied blankly.
“Yeah, meet them. As in go up and hug their legs?” I reiterated.
“That would be awesome!” She gibbered.
“Alright then, follow me” I said with a smile and led her away.

I turned my phone on again as I led her, and saw the text from my contact, telling me to come in through a specific entrance where my ‘uncle’ would meet me. I smiled to myself, things were going pretty damned well considering, but of course sods law had to rear its head.

My phone vibrated to show I had an incoming call, it was Cosette. Amelia asked who was calling me and I said it was just my uncle. I picked up the phone, pretending it was him to fool her.

"Kurt, hi." She said as I picked up the phone.
"Hey what's up?" I asked in my smooth tones as if I was trying to talk to my uncle.
"Well I was thinking you should come over tonight. I can cook, we can see each other. You can make up for missing date night..." She was attempting to blackmail me into guilt, it wouldn’t work. But considering Amelia was with me I couldn’t act suspicious.
"Alright, sounds good” I replied.
"Brilliant. See you at seven then."
"See you then."

I hanged up the phone with a sigh and a smile. I told Amelia that my uncle was waiting for us now; I led her to the side entrance of the storehouse where they kept the animals.
My ‘uncle’ was there, and I faked introduced the both of them. Amelia was pretty cheerful; the guy whom I barely knew looked really bothered.

We went inside the storehouse, me pretending to lead like I knew the place, and went up to the elephant enclosure. There was an elephant eating its meal, and unbarred so we could go straight up to it. I kept my distance, not trusting the beast, but Amelia went up to it and started stroking its trunk and giggling.

Things after that went pretty well, we went to see the penguins, and she held one. We went to see the monkeys who shook her hand, and whom just threw their faeces at me. The lion enclosure was the one thing we both agreed not to go into, and we ended the day with a bunch of birds on our shoulders, me begging the owl on my head not to claw me to death.

At the end, Amelia was completely tired out. James then gave her a call, and said he would come and pick Amelia up (feigning ignorance as to why she was at the zoo) to which Amelia thanked me for such a fun time, and she said she would call me to make another fun date.

I watched her go into the parking lot and waved, I gulped at the trouble I was in. I didn’t expect her to say she would call me! Things were going badly… I had to think of a way to fix things.
That’s when I looked at my watch, it was 6 o'clock. I smacked my forehead, I was supposed to have dinner in an hour and there was no way I was going to be late.

However, I would also not be able to drive there in time. So I called up a buddy of mine, and offered him a generous offering if he could do me two favours. Get my car and drive it back to mine, and pick me up in a helicopter whilst bringing a suit and take me nearby to Cosette’s. I’ve spent far too much today.


Twenty minutes later, the helicopter touched down in the parking lot. I ignored the stares I received and told the pilot where I needed to go, and to get me there as fast as possible. The suit I requested was on the seat next to me, and I quickly changed out of my casual attire into a finely woven black suit; my favourite kind.

The pilot commented that it’s not every day he did personal errands; I replied that this wasn’t an every day. I buttoned up, did my tie up, combed my hair neatly, and zipped up. I was good to go for whatever Cosette had for me. Plus her food was a welcome end to the day.


With ten minutes to spare, we touched down on an empty road a few streets away from Cosette. The neighbours came out and were shocked to see a helicopter in the middle of the street, I gave them no attention and rushed off towards Cosette’s, whilst the helicopter took off and went away.

I kept checking my watch, praying I would be on time. Only a few minutes left, and one street away. But that’s when I realised I had no transport home, I suppose I’ll have to woo Cosette to let me stay at hers for the night, and find another way into work by the morning.

Only a few seconds left, going up her doorstep now! 3…2…1… Doorbell! Made it! And the door swung open to reveal Cosette in a rather sexy dress. She had put a lot of effort into this, and I was glad.
It’s nice to know she thought about me in such a way, I was truly a lucky man.

We didn’t say anything; I just gave her a kiss on the cheek and a smile, before she led me in to the already made dinner table with dinner fresh out of the oven. That’s one thing I loved about Cosette, her punctuality.

We sat in silence eating for a while, before she started to sip some wine. She offered me some but I declined. “How comes you never drink Kurt?” She asked, a little red-faced.
“No reason, I just don’t want to” I replied officially.
“Is it because of your family?” She asked seriously.
“I guess, lasting effects of an alcoholic mother’s raising. I don’t care about that though, I just don’t drink” I explained curtly.
“Psychological aftereffects of a less than pleasurable upbringing” Cosette stated.
“Something that we all share symptoms of” I added.
“Very true, everyone these days want’s to rebel against their parents.”
“Only the kids of the parents who can’t afford to give their child a decent upbringing.”
“Plus the fact that many turn to recreational drugs or drinking to softened the blow that is their lot in life.”
“I wholly agree. You know I'm glad we can have intelligent conversations like these. Makes me wonder why you hang out with Amelia… I don’t mean that in a bad way but… she doesn’t even know what political party she wants to vote for, let alone discuss politics on a whole.”
“She brings me back from the praecipes of boredom. Her antics cheer me up to say the least”
“I’ve noticed that myself lately…”

We sat in silence for a few more minutes, enjoying each other’s company, until I had to make my move. “Can I stay here tonight?” I asked bluntly.
“Maybe, what’s in it for me?” She asked, with a business like wink.
“Hmm… would you settled on cuddling with a movie and breakfast in bed?” I also entered my business mode.
“Nope, would have to be more than that” she replied.
“Well I can offer in a tad bit of love-making? Would that please you?” I went on.
“That suits your needs more than mine, you would pick when and where we would make love. I would have to decide the terms on that” she said with a somewhat forced smile.
“Ok then, when would it suit you?” I asked, walking into her business ploy.
“Right now?” She compromised.
“Protection?” I asked.
“Not needed, I have taken the necessary precautions” she confirmed.
“Very good” I complemented her.
“Shall we?” She asked.
“Yes, lets” I affirmed.

We both stood up and walked up to each other beside the table and embraced each other immediately. Our mouths explored the other as our hands began to fondle our bodies. I scraped the cutlery on the table to one side and pushed her on top of it. I laid on top of her, kissing her neck, down her arm, onto her hand.

My hands were unzipping her dress behind her shoulders, and she took control of her hands to begin unbuttoning my shirt. We passionately kissed and touched each other until we had removed our clothing.
I fondled her chest whilst she held onto my hips as I began to enter her on the dining table. I think she said something about cleaning up the stuff I knocked on the floor, but I was too caught up in pleasure to listen, and her moans made it hard to tell if she was actually saying something.


As the night went on, we moved from the dining room, to the kitchen, to finally her bedroom. We decided to stop at midnight, seeing as how I had to go to work in the morning. I do hate working Sundays sometimes.
When were both spent, I collapsed on top of her, our bodies still connected, I gave her a long kiss before wiping the sweat off both of our brows.

“If you end up pregnant… that’ll be a breach of our terms of contract you know?” I said sarcastically.
“Oh not to worry” she said with a smile. “I always honour my agreements.”

The End

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