Phone CallMature

I looked in the mirror and smoothed down my skirt. White silk shirt and pencil skirt, check. Black heels, check. Make up, hair, check. I looked good.

I had to admit I took pride in my appearance. When people saw me, they automatically considered me to be less than worthy of being a business woman, and that threw them off guard. Then I would beat them and they'd go away with the lesson that you shouldn't judge a girl by her looks ingrained in to their tiny brains.

I grabbed my bag and left the house, sliding in to my car and putting on the radio. As I drove to work I thought about Kurt. My boyfriend. He was good looking, successful, brilliant... Everything I'd ever wanted. I smiled. I was going to invite him over tonight for a meal. He'd called an apologized about last night, said he'd got stuck doing paper work and then James had called with some sort of problem. I didn't know what but I was sure Amelia would. I'd ask her later.

As I pulled in to the car park I rang Kurt's mobile. It went straight to answer phone. He'd be in a meeting or something.

I went inside and set up in my office.


"Kurt, hi." I said as he picked up the phone.

"Hey what's up?" He asked in his smooth tones.

"Well I was thinking you should come over tonight. I can cook, we can see each other. You can make up for missing date night..." Blackmail, always important.

"Alright, sounds good."

"Brilliant. See you at seven then."

"See you then."

I hung up and smiled. Dinner, wine... he might even stay the night. Perfect.

The door to my office opened and my secretary walked in.

"Cosette, the investors are here."

"Show them in."

I checked my appearance and put in my business smile.


The food was starting to smell mouth watering. I may be brilliant in an office, but when I'm home, cooking is how I excel. I glanced at the clock. Ten minutes to seven. Kurt was always on time, on the dot. I hurried in to my bedroom and glanced in the mirror. Sexy little dress, check. I grinned. It was only occassionally that Kurt and I spent time together alone, and when we did I liked to make an effort.

I went to check on the food and poured two glasses of wine, ready for when my gorgeous boyfriend arrived.

The End

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