Second ImpressionsMature

“That was hilarious! I wish we could have seen their faces!” I was exultant as we walked down the street from the restaurant. I did a little happy dance. Cosette smiled, but she didn’t seem as pleased with the way the evening had gone.

“Amelia, do you think it was a good idea to accept the invitation to the zoo?” She asked, concern written on her face. I looked down, shuffling my feet slightly, embarrassed.

“Well, yeah, I’ve wanted to go to the zoo for a long time now, and I have asked James, but…” I trailed off. James had said he’d take me soon. But he was looking for a job, and I didn’t want to distract him from that. I looked up at Cosette.

“I’m not being unfaithful am I? The zoo won’t mean anything I just really wanted to go!” I defended myself, feeling awful. Cosette gave me a gentle smile, taking my arm as she waved down a cab. The car dropped off at our different apartments, I waved as I watched her go, Kurt was lucky to have such a great girlfriend. I felt bad again that I had given Lewis my number, but it was already done, so I decided to get over it and go to the zoo with the guy. One more date couldn’t hurt, and we didn’t have to call it a date at all. It was just a tour… yeah, a tour!



The day for the tour arrived, bright and sunny. I tried to behave like it wasn’t a date, trying to just do my simple every day routine, but I couldn’t help adding a little extra makeup, perfume and started to attempt something with my hair when I stopped.

“It’s just the zoo.” I muttered to myself, letting my hair fall to my shoulders. I looked out my front window, I didn’t see his car. I hastily threw a few things into my purse: phone, compact, wallet, and checked my watch. I was early.

I sat in a chair in my front room looking out the window, waiting for Lewis to show up. I went over the plan in my head, it was simple, so it didn’t take long. After several long minutes I heard a car roll up. It was Lewis. I ran out to the car, trying not to seem like I had been waiting, and knowing I didn’t succeed. He opened my door for me and I got in the car, trying not to feel guilty.

“Looking forward to our date were you?” Lewis asked as he started the car. I nodded,

“I love the zoo! I like seeing all of the animals and being outside and…” I ran out of items quickly. I don’t really know why I wanted to go to the zoo, I just did. I guess the animals had something to do with it. Lewis scoffed, laughing at my expense. I was starting to get flustered. I humphed and sat back in my seat, crossing my arms. The silence wasn’t breached until we had marked and were entering the zoo. I ran ahead, excited again, to look in the gift shop window. Lewis walked after me slowly. I looked back and saw a crooked grin on his face. I smiled back.

“I just love all of the cute stuffed animals they have! They just look so soft and cuddly!” I explained my enthusiasm.

"Cute and cuddly?" Lewis repeated, still grinning, though it could have been a smirk.

"Yeah, cute and cuddly. You know you should be more forgiving of other people's quirks.You were the one who, with your friend, asked two random girls out for dinner."

"Well you shouldn't put all of your 'quirks' on display during only the second date!" He retorted. I nodded, I was acting a bit crazy.

"Sorry, I'll calm down. Shall we go on in then?" I added with a pompous accent and flourish. I grabbed Lewis' arm and pulled him towards the ticket booths. Lewis payed for our tickets. I resolved to pay for lunch, this was just a tour.

I pulled Lewis... amicably, through the zoo. We went to all of my favorite exhibits, the penguins first, then the seals, then the monkeys. I just loved watching all of those little guys play around in their displays, I put a hand up against the glass, a personal habit. Once one of the monkeys came and put his hand next to mine, I wanted to see if he'd remember me.

"come here little guy! it's your number 1 fan!" I cooed to the little guy inside the case. As I tried to coax the primate over I wondered if this counted as one of my "quirks" that I shouldn't display. It probably was. I stood up, taking my hand from the glass. The monkey hadn't budged from its spot in the center of the case so I gave it up. I turned to Lewis.

"What do you want for lunch? I'm buying."

The End

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