I think I went pale underneath all the make-up Kurt's make-up artist slapped on me at the question. I'd already been feeling uncomfortable. I couldnt believe I'd forgotten date night, and the outfit I was wearing was a little out of my style. Why had I even gone with the stupid bet, had I been drunk? I didnt remember if I'd taken more than a few sips of the drink I'd ordered. And now they wanted to know who we were! What if I blew it, then this entire bet would be over in a single night and I'd have to pay with probably my life.

Fortunately Kurt had it covered.

"My name is Lewis, Lewis Sinclair." Kurt said smoothly, even managing a bow while he was sitting. "And this is my accomplice, Jerry Smith."

"He's kidding." I said, leaning forward now that I'd had time to think and come up with a name. "The name's Jay Cartier." It sounded kinda exotic and confident. I didnt attempt a bow, just reached out and shook both Amelia's and Cosette's hands. Just then, our food came over and I dug in with some gusto.

"So," Amelia continued the conversation. "Do you two just go door to door at five o' clock every night trying to get dates?"

"Every night?" Kurt repeated. "Hardly. We've made this strategy an art form."

"An art form?" Amelia was on the verge of sarcasm.

"Yes, you think we'd just do this sort of thing on a whim?"

"I dont know what to think of you two."

I watched the exchange, fascinated at how easy Kurt made this charade seem. I realized I should have been making small talk with Cosette, but she was staring out of the booth, at the rest of the tables.

"So, um.." I stammered, Cosette met my eyes, her cold glare freezing me in my seat for the barest second.

"Dont bother." She muttered. "I have a boyfriend." I glanced at Amelia, chatting away with Kurt and a pang of, jealousy? Pain? stabbed me through the heart. Amelia wasnt proving to be particularly faithful at all... Then again, neither was I.

The End

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