Cosette Fielding: Dragged on a DateMature

I sat in the car unimpressed with the situation. Not only had we been practically kidnapped but our boyfriends had not appeared to 'save the day' either.

"Amy? I'm calling Kurt." I said while she chatted to one of the guys.

The phone went straight to voicemail.

"I'm going to kill him." I muttered, staring out of the car in defiance of the whole evening so far.

"Honey, if he's not picking you up and not answering the phone he deserves what's coming to him don't you think?" One of them said.

"And what exactly is coming to him?"

"Well he'll find out that his gorgeous girlfriend is on a date with someone else."

"This is not a date. This is basically kidnap." I grumbled.

The car pulled to a stop.

"Sorry if we gave that impression." The driver said, turning to face us. "You can get out now if you want."

Amy gave me a 'don't ruin the fun of the night' look and I gave in. She's my best friend, although we could not be more different. I'm serious, straight talking and business minded. She's more free wheeling, and fun loving. Sure we both have our cross over moments, meaning we compliment each other well since we both seem to do that at about the same time, but if she was being fun now, it probably meant it was ok. I seemed to only start to have fun before the trouble began.

"No, go on. I suppose we're out now."

We ended up in a restraunt, the same one we had planned to go to with Kurt and James.

"Shall we order?" The taller of the men asked.

"No thank you, I like to know what food is coming my way." I said, peering down the menu."I think I'll have a glass of white wine and the cajun salmon."

The others chose what they would have just in time for the waitress to come over, and we ordered. Then I sat back and stared at the men.

"So. Are we allowed to know the names of our kidnappers?"

The End

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