Amelia Jarton: Date NightMature

As a random "let's appreciate each other" attempt put together by our group of four, we decided that a "Date Night" was in order. Cosette and I had been getting ready all afternoon, bubbly and cheerful, looking forward to the evening that we had been planning for two weeks. The night would start with dinner and drinks at our favorite restaurant. Then we would go to a movie, then depending on the time, to another restaurant for desert or home again for homemade cocktails. We thought it sounded very romantic, though the movie had to be an action one to appeal to our dates.

I was pulling a brush through Cosette’s hair, once again, to make it silky smooth while Cosette chattered about her expectations for the evening. I nodded and hmmed at the right moments to make it seem like I was listening. My mind was also on the evening, but I was more focused on my date. And the fact he hadn’t called me all day. I glanced at my phone for the third time in 30 seconds. Still nothing and 5 o’ clock , the time for them to pick us up, was getting ever closer.

“Cosette?” I asked, interrupting a string of compliments coming from her about her date Kurt. Cosette turned to look at me. I dropped the hairbrush.

“What’s the matter Amy?” Cosette looked concerned.

“James hasn’t called all day. I’m a little worried about tonight.” I voiced my fears, hoping I didn’t seem too desperate. Cosette smiled.

“Tonight will be great, don’t worry about him.  He probably was just too busy getting pulled together to call. You know how men are.” She assured me. I smiled back at her.

“You look so pretty, Cosette, you’re going to rock Kurt’s world.” I couldn’t help saying. I felt a little jealous of that long hair, I ran a hand over my own head, smoothing down my chocolate brown locks. I pulled it up into a half ponytail deftly, to keep it out of my face as I applied the final touches to my makeup. 4:55. There wasn’t much time left. I glanced at my phone again, still nothing, and ran to the front window to look for Jame’s red Honda. It wasn’t there. But a black Lexus was there. I turned back to the room.

“Cosette, doesn’t Kurt drive a Lexus?” I called to my friend.

“Yes he does, but weren’t we going in James’ car?” She called back. I called back an affirmation and turned back to the window.


The clocked showed 5. I was starting to get anxious. I went back into my room where all my stuff had been taken out for the date. I started to pick it all up and put it away, nice and neat into the boxes and bags they all came from. Cosette entered the room and leaned on the door frame.

“Don’t get nervous, Amy.” She said, cool as cucumber. I glanced at her for a second then returned to my cleaning.

“They’re late, James must have forgotten! He has the worst memory!”  I was truly flustered now. My room was clean; I started back into the main room when Cosette caught my arm.

“Deep breath, Amy.” She said calmly. I obliged, filling my lungs with air and releasing slowly.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

I practically ran to the front door and yanked it open. My shoulders slumped as I saw it was neither James nor Kurt, but two guys dressed like each other, looking like they were about to sell me something.

“How would you like to go on a fabulous date with one of us?” The taller of the two pitched. I felt my jaw drop. Was this guy serious?

“No thanks, it’s date night. I’m waiting for my boyfriend to come pick me up.” I put some emphasis on the word boyfriend hoping it would deter these two. At the words ‘date night’ I thought I saw the shorter of the two flinch, but it was hard to be sure.

“Come on!” The taller insisted. “I’m sure you will have a great time! And, if you’ll forgive me for saying this, but your boyfriend,” He mimicked my emphasis, “seems to have forgotten you. SO come out with us!”

I took a step back, preparing to close the door, when Cosette came up behind me.

“Another lovely lady! Well, this is our lucky day! We can make it a double date!” The Shorter one had gained some confidence and was talking now, then in practical unison, the pair reached for our hands and pulled us out the door. It’s lucky we had put on our shoes already, I just had time to think before we were whisked into the night with the promise of a great date, and that we’d be back before 10.

The End

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