A Very Italian OperaMature

Two guys make a bet to test their girlfriends faithfulness by disguising themselves and switching girlfriends. How this works... no one knows.

James Mann

Imagine a city. Then imagine yourself zooming in on that city until you reach a tiny street. On that street is a bar/pub/coffee house/regular-hangout-spot for me and my friend Kurt.

On this particular fateful night, we would make a decision that would change our lives forever...

But I'm getting ahead of myself here. Lets just start with the story.


I took a deep drink of the glass in my hand, coughing slightly at the sharp taste of the liquid, mulling over the thought that was racing through my head a bazillion times a minute. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna say it. Say it!

"So, Kurt..." I began nervously.

"What?" My friend glanced up from his own mug.

"I was thinking... you know Amelia..?"

"Yeah, your girlfriend, you only talk about her 24/7."

"Well." I took a deep breath and let it all out in one rushed sentence. "I was thinking of asking her to marry me."

Kurt put down his mug, reached up and cuffed me in the head.

"Idiot. You're way too young for that sort of thing." He said when my ears stopped ringing.

"But I love her." I said earnestly. "And she loves me. I've already got a ring and everything."

"What happened to the idea of us staying bachelors for the rest of our lives?" Kurt was scowling now, at what I didnt exactly know.

"We both got girlfriends. You love Cosette, right?"

"Weeellll." Kurt said, "I like her, yeah, but, I dont want to marry her."

Suddenly two hands landed on the table heavily, making a large bang. Kurt and I looked up in surprise. I could have sworn I jumped a foot in the air.

"I hate to intrude, gentleman." The man said, "but I couldnt help noticing that you are discussing a very important issue in life. Can you be sure your two ladies are faithful?"

"Faithful? Sure, I think she goes to church--" I began but the man cut me off.

"Nonono, faithful to you." He said. "How can you be sure she wont run off with some other man at the drop of a hat?"

I frowned.What if Amelia left me for someone else... I didnt think I could really handle that.

"No way that could happen." Kurt said in all his arrogance. 

"Oh?" The man said, grinning, "Then how about a bet. You disguise yourselves and try to woo each others girlfriends, and we will meet up in one month exactly and if your girlfriends have remained faithful to the true yous, then I will pay for the weddings that will surely ensue, if not... Well, I wont have to do anything. Your girlfriends will punish you enough."

I felt the blood draining from my face. Amelia could be frightening if she wanted to be, but, if it was the only way to prove her faithfulness...

"I'll take the bet." I said, then looked at Kurt, who was thinking.

"Yeah, sure, I'll take the bet too." He said after a time. We each took one of the mans hands and shook on it.

"Good evening gentlemen, I'll see you in a month, and not a moment more." The man said, then strode out of the room.

The End

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