Chloe: Perfect place.Mature



The sweet aroma of Italian food drifted around the spacious patio. The hot sun was beating down on my back, but I didn't mind. It was no worse than when I'd visited California for the week in May. Besides, this place was beautiful. I was seated at a small table, a bowl of pasta sat before me. Smiling, I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone.

Two new messages.

I wasn't at all shocked when the name ‘Kate' flashed before my eyes.

'Hey bbz. Hows u? Soz that ur on that crappy trip... still ur basically a geek so im sure is not tht bad. lol. Try not 2 let that bitch Beth steal all ur Itallian men. :-P'

I put my phone back in my pocket, sighing quietly too myself. There was no point reading the other one, it would contain the same stupid message, just with worse spelling. I couldn't let this spoil my trip; this was about me, not them. Digging my fork into the pasta, I let all my worries roll away from me.


The End

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