Jess: Rhinestone EyesMature

            As soon as we got to the hotel, we were given the order of rooms and room mates. I didn’t really pay attention to who was in my room, I just took my key card. When you were new, everyone was a stranger.

            The hotel was luscious and roomy with arched ceilings. The air smelled like rosebuds and mint, while the wood tables and furniture of interior décor reminded me of the forest. But I could really care less if the hotel was nice or not. I didn’t even want to be there at the time.

            I threw my bad onto a bed, telling to the girls I was rooming with that I called it. I didn’t care what they wanted; all I knew was that I wanted the bed closest to the door so that I could make a speedy escape if I wanted to.

            One of the girls in my room dragged in about ten billion pink suitcases and strode out of them room almost immediately. I wasn’t sure, but I think that I’d heard her addressed as Bambi…But what kind of a mother would name their kid Bambi? Must be a nickname…

I flipped through the channels on the TV. Surprise, there wasn’t a single hockey game on, which kind of bugged me. So I settled for soccer. I mean, we were in Italy, right. I got caught up in the game, and I hadn’t said a word to the other girl in my room at all. She could have been dead, and I wouldn’t have known.

I looked away from the TV when a knock came at my door. I looked around, and realized that the other girl I was supposed to be rooming with was gone, too, her bags and all. Bambi’s stuff was still there but she hadn’t set foot in the room since she left.

I opened the door, suspecting it to be a teacher checking in on us, but it wasn’t. The first thing I saw was eyes like the ocean. It was Aiden. I fought the overwhelming urge to slam the door in his face.  

“Hey Jessie.” Resisting a scream of rage. No one, I repeat, no one was allowed to call me Jessie. That was prep girls’ name and so overused. It was Jess, or they could kiss my ass.

“What do you want.” It wasn’t so much as question as much as a warning. It was the middle of the night, and I don’t even like being alone with guys in daylight. We had gotten along fine on the plane because people were surrounding us, but something still made me want to cut off all my hair and set myself on fire.

 I looked down and noticed the he was holding his bag and a coat.

“A couple girls seemed to have made themselves comfy in my room. And well…I know it’s a little unorthodox, but I was wondering if I could share this room with you.”

There must have been quite a look on my face because as soon as he said it he backed away. “Unless you’d rather not have me. In your room, I mean.”

I was silent.

I didn’t really like the idea of a boy in my room. But this was different. The look on his face as he turned away was like someone had broken into his house and shot his whole family. Okay; maybe not that bad.

“You can stay in my room, but I ain’t sharing shit with you.”

I stood back and let him into my room, hoping that I might see daylight again. It wasn’t that I though he would do anything to me. But it was kind of an instinct of mine.

The End

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