Aiden: Set Roomates...NotMature

Jessica and I talked a lot during the flight. To my surprise, she'd opened up to me and we'd had a fun time during the long hours of the cold night. I hadn't quite talked to anyone like this for a long time and it actually felt good. At one point, she'd fallen asleep on my shoulder and I was feeling a bit drowsy too so I joined her in a sweet slumber.

When the light started seeping in from the window, we both awoke. She'd gone a bit red but I just smiled at her and said good morning. Right now, a long list of students were in cue in a hotel in the city of Rome. With my arms folded in front of my chest, I waited for the line to move in patience. Teachers rambled on about our roomates and I was going to share a room with some guy called Xian. I'd never heard of him before and was hoping we'd become friends.

Jess and I bode farewell and each headed off toward our rooms once we got assigned. Xian...turned out to be an interesting person I could say. When I saw him walking into the room, he completely ignored my precense and crashed onto the bed, immediately falling asleep.

I went under the covers and fell alseep too...but to my surprise I woke up to the sounds of whispers. A girl who looked like a typical emo was sitting across Xian and talking to him. How did she get in here?

A few moments later, Chloe Western came into me and Xian's room. What's going on here? I thought we had set roomates...maybe I was wrong.

The End

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