Xian- Calm and ChaosMature

I could feel Ayasa's slow breath  against my shoulder. I didn't understand, why couldn't I move? At the same time, I felt restless; I couldn't stop my head from thinking, "Was she comfortable? Should I wake her? Is this awkward? Why is my heart beating like a middle-schooler with a school boy's crush?"

I turned my head, to gaze upon her sleeping face. The confusion stopped, a strange calm fell over the compartment, slowly engulfing my entire body. She looked so peaceful, her image completely contrasting the turmoil and pandemonium that swelled beneath the pale alabaster skin. I softly stroked her cold cheek. She seemed so fragile, so innocent, like a sleeping princess waiting for her prince to kiss her softly on the cheek. 

Her eyes fluttered open, and locked onto my ice-blue gaze. "We're almost there," I cooed in her ear, "Go back to sleep." I wanted to look upon her resting, peaceful face if even for just a single second longer, I wanted her to rest in this make believe peace, for even just a moment...before she awoke in this world of shattered glass and clamouring chaos, on this shattered and chaotic boy's shoulder.  



The End

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