Pure bliss: Chloe.Mature

I skipped in silent joy as we crossed the large airport. Bodies moved quickly around us, desperate to get to their destinations. I gazed in awe at the cute little shops sprinkled around the large building like fairy dust; Lucy and Kate would love this place. To bad they couldn’t give a crap about their grades.

Besides, we were going to some of the most beautiful, romantic and historical countries in the world. I could hardly hide my excitement.
“Stay with your buddies. Stay with your buddies at all times. Stay near us at all times. Get checked in as soon as possible. If you get lost you will ruin the trip.” Our teacher droned on, telling us to ‘be responsible.’ The looks on some of pupil’s faces showed that most of us would do exactly the opposite. I linked arms with Sophie, a girl I’d been friends with since primary. We both headed straight for the check in, showing our passports and hauling on our large suitcases. With a quick smile and wave, I dragged Sophie towards the nearest escalator.

“Now,” she said grinning, “Its time for duty free shopping!”


An hour had passed and only one student had gone missing. No one important really, just a random guy that was always high. After half an hour of chasing, the teachers had managed to find him locked away in a toilet doing god knows what.
Now we were walking along a long corridor, large windows showed the runway beneath us. Large airplanes stood proud, brightly decorated.

Yugoslavian Air, British Airways, Norway Air, Irish air, Air Italy. I felt a rush of excitement, there it was! It had a small Italian flag painted on the wing and the name painted in red and green along the side.

“May I see your ticket please?” A woman with short brunette hair and large green eyes asked me. Grinning back at her I handed her my ticket. She directed me to my seat with a friendly wave before turning to the next person, everyone was so happy here.
I squeezed past a woman holding a screaming baby to get to my seat. I could hardly contain my happiness when I realised I was to be seated next to a window; this day just got better and better. Not even the emo that sat next to me whispering depressing thoughts to himself could ruin my mood.

I turned my attention to the flight attendant, leaning back in my seat and just enjoying the moment of pure bliss.

The End

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