Destination: Who the Hell Knows?Mature

Screw this trip and screw life.

Serbia, Italy, France, Holland…And where ever the hell else I was being dragged to. I didn’t even know where I was going, so that explains how much I cared about this retarded trip. Damned school board.

I didn’t agree on this whack idea, but Gran wouldn’t have me failing history. I had only been living with her for a week, and in school for a couple days, and she expected me to be okay with going halfway across the world for a stupid school trip? Wrong.

I through my bag onto the loading belt and flashed my ticket and pass port at the man behind the counter. I was running low on various things; patience being one of them. I had already had enough of this day, and it was only nine in the morning. I didn’t think it could get much worse.

Wrong again. I shoved my way through the isle on the plane, trying to find my seat. People all around were standing around pointlessly, babies wailed and screamed, foreign people jabbered back in forth in strange languages. And guess who I was sitting beside?

I let out an annoyed breath and threw my backpack into the over head storage. I kept my IPod with me and sat down heavily into my seat. “Yeah, I am not liking this day.”  I muttered to myself, as Aiden looked over at me.

He was puzzled. “You don’t like going on trips? I find them exciting.”

“No. I do not like trips. I just want to be home.”

“So why don’t you go home, then?”

I looked at him with a conversation stopping gaze. “Because I can’t.”

He was quiet for a moment, and I thought my death stare had worked. But I could tell by his personality that he wasn’t going down easily. “Why?”

“That’s personal.” I told him and turned my attention to my IPod. Some nice music would tune him out. But no sooner had I turned it on, a flight attendant tapped on my shoulder and asked me to turn it off. Dammit.

“Look. I’m sorry.” He apologised after I sat, staring straight ahead of me for a couple minutes, trying my best to ignore him. I could hear the “I don’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. If you want, I’m sure someone would be willing to change seats with me.”

I sighed and turned my attention towards him again. “Look,” I said openly, trying to keep the frustration out of my voice. “It’s not you I hate. It’s just people in general. I like to be left alone.”

You lie, A voice inside me seemed to chuckle. I knew that I was lying. It wasn’t people I hated, it was men. Well, I didn’t hate them; I just didn’t feel comfortable around them. And I didn’t hate Aiden, either. I actually found myself interested in him. But I wouldn’t show him that.

Shut up, I shot back to the voice. But I knew that I was being a little more than unfair to this boy. He was just trying to be nice, and I was just making him feel worse. I never use to be this nasty, and I didn’t like it.

“And I’m sorry for spazzing on you. I just...I don’t do well with moving.”

Nice Excuse, the voice hissed tauntingly at me. SHUT UP, I yelled internally, and looked up to where the flight attendants were explaining about seatbelts and exits and such.    

The End

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