Aiden: Destination RomeMature

A school trip to Europe, great. New countries, new cultures, and new people. But oh yeah, it's a school trip. The teachers sent us off to board the plane in huge groups of around twenty students each. I was part of one of them but I was used to travelling so I couldn't care less if I got "lost".

After having done all the formalites like checking in baggage, getting a boarding pass etcetera, I found myself waiting near the gate for the plane to board. The other students were just hanging out with friends and talking loudly in the airport while I sat alone, just thinking to myself to pass the time.

Jess, as she'd introduced herself, had scattered away from me after only a few second of speaking with her. I could see that she was clearly uncomfortable by my prescence the moment I mentioned the tour. A part of me wanted to follow her when I saw her walk away from me but the other part just wanted to leave her alone. And that's what I did. I hadn't seen her since and I'd been wondering about her.

"Gate 4 to Rome, Italy is boarding. I repeat, Gate 4 to Rome, Italy is boarding."

With a sigh, I headed over to the huge line that had been formed at the gate and waited.


"Can I see your ticket please?" A short, brunette air hostess said, with a smile. I smiled back at her and handed it to her.

"Your seat is right down there sir. Keep walking straight."

"Thanks," I said and grinned at her with a nod and kept walking, till I found the seat. I put my laptop bag in the overhead baggage cabinet and then plopped down on the window seat. The airplane was completely crowded so it was going to take some time for take off.

I looked out the window, my head leaning against it with my eyes closed. I wonder if Jess was going to be coming on the trip. She had to since it takes up nearly all of your grades and since if you missed out on it, you drop back a year. I hoped I would see her.

I heard someone sit down next to me and put their seat belt on, with a huff. I turned my head to see who it was.

Speak of the devil.

The End

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