"........Compulsory for all students. Every student who does not have a valid reason for not attending will have to stay back a year. Half your internal markings depend on what you learn in those five weeks..." Shit! Bloody hell!! A trip...to Europe...money....I DIDN'T HAVE ANY DAMN MONEY!!

I walked tentatively into the room hall, to find my brother crashed out on the couch, a couple of empty triple sec bottles lay about, clean of every last drop.

"What the f**k you staring at." Drunk brother was not a nice brother. Ever since ma and pa died, he became this lowly, bottle sucking bastard. Drunk on the couch by day, bar tender by night.

"I need money fo..." He cut me off before I could finish.

"WHAT THE SHIT?!" He slouched on the sofa. "I give you enough aint I?!" He stared.

"I’m sorry, it’s just, there's a trip..."

"F*** THE DAMN TRIP!" He yelled.

"If I do, I got to stay back a year." The room was dark with silence. I stared at my feet. I heard his heavy footsteps cross the floor, and heard the swing of his arm as he landed a heavy punch on my cheek, and then another. Ouch. Though to be honest, I was expecting that.

DAMN YOU!!" He yelled, spitting on my face. I know that if he hadn't promised dad to keep me in school, he would have made me drop out years ago. "GET OUT!! GET THE HELL OUT!!" He yelled, as he began kicking and flailing about, breaking the table, and shattering the glass bottles around. Brother was having a temper tantrum....such a child.

 I sauntered off to my room, to nurse my bruised cheek.

I waited for half an hour or so, before I heard his footsteps near my door. I smiled. I heard his hand click open my door knob.

His head popped through the door, he seemed slightly more sober. and slightly sheepish. His face was red from alcohol, and a twinge of shame.

"You’re cheek fine?” He muttered

“Ya” I answered.

Ok....” There was a long pause, “Fine, how much you need." He sighed, as he flipped open his cheque book. He was a good guy. I knew that. So did he. We were both simply screwed up, that’s all.

"Thanks." I mumbled, taking the cheque from his hand. 


The End

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