Jess: Don't Trust People You MeetMature

As soon as I heard a voice behind me, a chill ran through my bones like never before. I spun on my heel and was a boy. He was about the same age as I, give or take a year. He had dark hair that was black as ink and blue eyes that would make sapphires jealous.

"Um. Hey - Hi" I fumbled around for some coherent words. He was good looking...I guess. But he didn't faze me as anyone special. He was just a boy. Aiden; that was a common enough name. He wore normal clothes and spoke normal English. No, nothing too strange about the boy. ”I’m Jessica…Jess, for short.”

 "Are you new here?” he asked politely. He stood easily with a friendly pose that was inviting me to talk. And I found myself wanting to talk to him, oddly. He had a light nature to him as he stood in front of me.

“Yeah. I just moved here to live with my grandma for a while.” I told him simply. “Oh, well welcome, then. Can I show you around? If someone hasn’t already done so that is.”

I opened my mouth almost immediately to respond but snapped it closed again. This boy wanted to show me around, just me and him, alone. The last time I allowed myself to be alone with a man was…Well – I’d rather not talk about it.

 “Uh, sorry. I’ve gotta run to rugby... And I’ve got homework to catch up on and…” I sputtered out a little too quickly then trailed off trying to catch my breath. It didn’t sound believable to my ears. “I just have to go.” I whispered and slammed my locker closed, turning away swiftly.

I didn’t say good bye, and I didn’t look back at him, either. My heart was beating with such an urgency, I thought it might break my ribs and explode out of my chest. I couldn’t explain the feeling to myself, but I couldn’t be alone with him. Or any man for that matter.

“God dammit,” I swore and spat onto the floor as I high tailed it down the halls blindly to the parking lot.

The End

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