Chloe: Escape.Mature


I watched as Kate stopped at her locker, the end locker, the one that was pristine and clear and when opened revealed a tumbled collection of books and make up. She reached in for her books, leaning back against the closed door and pouting in what she obviously felt was her most seductive pose as Adam, football captain and on off boyfriend, passed by. He winked at her and she simply brushed it off with a toss of that luscious blond hair. Oh how I envied her.

"Sophie is a bitch," Kate muttered to us, slipping a hand through Lucy’s arm.

 "Tell me something I don’t know," Lucy returned. Sophie freaking Allen, the luckiest, soon to be unluckiest, girl in our school. Sporty and social, and most importantly free. She could be friends with anyone, be seen talking to anyone, just how I wished I could be.

"What are you gonna do about it?" Lucy asked curiously, smoothing an imagined mark from her blouse. Kate half smiled, the devious part of her pushing to the surface. I watched as she formulated a plan, walking over to Sophie who was waiting at her locker, her arms full of books, her dark hair scraped away from her face into a perky ponytail. The two started chatting, Sophie’s loveable face lighting up, and then falling. I watched as her shoulders slumped, her bright green eyes lost their shine. I watched as my ‘best friend’ sucked all the life out of her. I couldn’t take it.

I turned, walking away from Lucy, muttering a hurried excuse.

I headed straight for the music room, desperate to release my pent up emotions. I needed to feel the smooth keys under my hands; I needed to hear the beautiful notes it would play. I quickened my pace, anxious to get to the dull room that held such a beautiful object.

There is going to be a class in there…

I realised to late, I found myself barging in. A slightly hunched over boy was playing the piano, his eyes closed, his face a picture of pure pleasure. It sounded beautiful, I wanted to walk over and join in but I stopped myself.

“I… I…” I tried to think of something to say, his face stared back at my own expectantly. “"I-I-I'm sorry. Urm, I just think I left something here when I'd had class. Um- can I check?" I blushed instantly, wishing I had thought of knocking before entering.

He nodded at me, turning back to his music.

I pretended to search around for a few minutes, looking in all of the most obvious places. “It's not here. Well erm, sorry for bothering you!" I said brightly, trying to make my face a picture of confusion and annoyance.

He finished, the last few notes merging together in a beautiful harmony. I stood awestruck, slowly backing out the room.

Suddenly, I had an overwhelming urge to compliment this boy, who I barely even knew, and tell him how extraordinary I found his playing.
Smiling, I gave him a small wave and said, “"I really like what you're playing. It's beautiful."
For the first time he spoke, smiling back at me. The edges of his mouth curved up, his face was gorgeous.

"Thank you." He said back at me, turning back to his music.



I stood outside my brother’s school, smiling at the parents awaiting their child’s release. The bell rang, and hundreds of excited kid’s spilled out, chattering to their friends. I weaved my way through the crowd, heading straight for the small building near the back of the school. Opening the door, I stepped in, glancing around at the brightly coloured walls. A group of children were sitting around a blue table, counting smarties. A small girl with Down syndrome looked up, waving shyly at me. Then Matthew glanced up, a beaming smile on his puppy- like face. A rush of love filled me; I knew he couldn’t see me, but I could tell he knew it was me. I walked over, hugging him gently and taking his hand.

Screw the people at school, I thought, Matthew was all I needed. He’d always accept me for me, not for my looks.

Maybe one day I’d be able to reveal to my racist, homophobic and generally small-minded best friends that my brother was blind, and a more amazing person than they’d ever be.

The End

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