Aiden: Musical MourningsMature

Music class was entertaining as usual. Our teacher, Ms. Holly, had given us free time as always, and I found myself walking over to the grand piano. My hands traced the surface and I sat down, getting ready to play.

The notes of "Song From A Secret Garden" filled the room with it's sweet depressing melody. I always played this piece; especially when I was feeling melancholic. It often moved me to tears and I found myself thinking about why life is the way it is.

The door opened, and I glanced up from the piano to see who had come in. Chloe Western. What was she doing here? Isn't she in a different class than me?

"I-I-I'm sorry. Urm, I just think I left something here when I'd had class. Um- can I check?"

I didn't say anything to her but gave her a slight nod, still continuing to play. I looked from the corner of my eyes and saw her search for whatever she had left behind and ended up in failure. With a frown on her face, she said, "It's not here..well erm, sorry for bothering you!"

She back tracked out the room right as the song came to a close but before she left, she turned. "I really like what you're playing. It's beautiful."

I smiled back. "Thank you."


 Walking through the school hall; seeing the occasional smiles, the pat on the backs, and the nods. It was all just the usual when I saw her. A tomboy. She was sticking something onto her locker, and was staring at it intensely.

I walked towards her till I was right behind her and said, "Hey I'm Aiden."

Wouldn't hurt to introduce myself would it?

The End

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