Xian- Class OutMature

What is this ass hole rattling on about? I could barely make out a word the idiot was saying. He was just standing there in front of class waving and yelling some f***ing gibberish witch made no sense to me what so ever. Maybe it was a side effect of being high.

I couldn't take the noise anymore. That ass was so loud. I had to leave, needed to find Ayasa, she'd probably be out back with some shit. I didn't need more but I needed her. School was such hell without her.

I could tell the teacher was yelling at me when I got up from my seat and walked to the door, but I couldn't make out what the hell he was saying. I shoved my middle finger in his face. Shit! That look on his face was priceless! It was a mixture of “lost puppy” and “dead man walking”! I strolled on and walked off out, feeling his bewildered eyes bear into my back.

I walked out onto the corridors, the walls slowly merging with the floors, forming a puke coloured gloop. The sounds around me drowned down into a low and softer pitch, like listening to someone under water. The world was disappearing, the pain and everything else with it. Good, this was what I wanted, this empty nothingness, this world devoid of pain, sadness, and everything else. Beautiful. 

I sat down on a rock in the dingy back alleys of the school, next to Ayasa who was, fiddling with something in her hand. What did she have there? From her look I could tell she was somewhat confused. But then again, my eyes were screwing with me so I couldn’t tell. Did she get her hands on something she didn't how to use?

On a much closer and extremely concentrated look I realized it was just a simple piece of paper.

She looked at me, with those crystal blue eyes, large and lost. I smiled. She knew that smile, I only revealed that smile when I was pissed. She dangled the notice in my face.

"Trip...." That’s probably the only thing I understood. She seemed annoyed...I think. My mind was too blown to comprehend images. She got it; she had to wait till I was slightly less dazed, till I could actually hold a conversation with her. I heard her sigh deeply, before returning her icy blue gaze to that piece of paper.


The End

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