Jess: ReboundMature

A new school, and I had no idea what I was doing.

I walked around aimlessly in the crowded halls, looking for someone who might want to hang out. But, alas, I didn't know what kind of person I should have been looking for.

At my previous school, I was chummy with the guys. I liked sports, I liked dirt and I liked lazing around, doing nothing in particular. But, at then end, before I moved, I was finding it hard to keep up with my friends. They were all by far faster and stronger than me. Then again, I was girl.

And I doubt that the guys at this new school would even look at me. I mean, let's be honest. I'm nothing to look at. I don't even try to dress ladylike. My hair is always cropped short so it's easy to deal with. And, I have no manners.

I stalked back towards my locker. I was suddenly not in the mood to look for friends. If I had to, I'd run solo. That was another thing about me. I was a little bit of a rebel. I didn't lke being told what to do, and if someone did, I'd tell them off with some fancy language if I had to.

I pulled a binder out of my bag and pulled out a pickture that I liked to keep with me. It was a shot from co-ed gym class last year at Uxbridge High. It showed me, Evan, Josh, Koby and Jeff, all muddy and soaked after a game of rudgy that I took a little too seriously. Yes, I was a girl. And yes, I wasn't afraid to play with guys twice my weight. So why should they be scared to play me? Because I'm a girl?

I pulled my peice of gum from my mouth and stuck the picture up in my locker door with it. Th picture wouldn't act like friends to me, but at least it would remind me of the friends I had back home.

They were a million times better than anyone I would meet here.

The End

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