Chloe; almost perfect.Mature



The door opened, and out stepped two gorgeous girls. I stared at them with blatant jealousy, watching as they floated along the hallway. Crowds parted, boys stared, girls envied. They came towards my locker, nodding in my direction. I fell in line with them, overshadowed by their perfection.

Sighing, I flicked my long, brown hair, letting it fall freely down my back. Glancing around, I shot a few people grins, showing my almost perfect teeth. I waved with my almost perfect manicured hand. I walked with an almost perfect stride.

Always almost perfect.

I felt a tug on my arm and I knew what was coming. My boyfriend, Gareth, pulled me towards him, roughly kissing me. It had no emotion, it was all for show. When he finally pulled away, he looked at me, scanning his dull eyes up and down my body, inspecting what I was wearing.

"Fine." He commented. Not beautiful, not gorgeous, not even pretty. Just fine. "Ditch that stupid scarf." He said harshly, pulling at the silk scarf that hung around my neck. I quickly unwrapped it, throwing it at a random passer-by who gladly accepted it.

I stared at Gareth; he was tall and well built, but not particularly good-looking. He was one of the lower jocks in the social ranks, just like I was one of the lower plastics.

"Gareth!" One of the jocks walked over to us, barging his way in. His cheerleader girlfriend trailing behind him, wiggling her hips in what she saw as a seductive way. She headed straight for me, wrapping me up in a hug as if we'd been best friends forever.

"Bambi babe!" She shrieked, several questioning heads turned towards us. "Oh babe! I have missed you!" Her smile positively beamed as she linked her tanned arm with mine and dragged me down the corridor.

I ignored her as she chattered on, blocking her and everything else from my mind.


"Honey... you'll be fine. I promise, High School will be the best thing that's ever happened to you." My mum said, as she drove up towards the school I would now be trapped in for the next few years. My first day. I wish it were my last.

"But Mum... I'm scared."

"Don't be. Just please, please try and fit in with the popular crowd. If you approach what appears to be the Queen Bee, your high school years will be a blast!" She smiled at me enthusiastically, desperation for me to be one of the plastics shone from her eyes. "I was never very cool, but honey this is your chance!"

I mumbled something back, nausea washed over me like a deadly wave. The car bumped up against the pavement, jolting my trembling body.

 "Oh darling! Good luck. Kiss kiss." She said, ushering me out of the car. Slowly, I climbed out, slamming the door behind me. Mum sped off, eager to get to her daily coffee morning to gossip with ‘the girls.' I tried taking in my surroundings; a large, brick building stood in front of me. Huge trees and flowerbeds bordered it; they had obviously tried to create a calm and serene atmosphere.

 I stood nervously, clutching my bag tight. I locked eyes with a tall blonde, she grinned at me and leisurely made her way over.

 "Kate." She said, her voice was loud yet sweet. "You are?"

"Chloe." I squeaked back, instantly blushing.

 "Ah. I'll call you bambi." She said, registering my looks. "Friends?" She asked, staring straight into my eyes.

 "S-sure..." I replied, thrilled to have made a friend.


Why hadn't I just said no? Now I was a stupid nobody. A couple of Goths walked by, quietly whispering.

One glanced at me, her face full of hatred. "Wannabe." She hissed harshly. I turned my head, mortified. I was ashamed of who I was.

"Soooo... how are Kate and Lucy?" She asked, dragging me back to the present. The only reason she was talking to me was because of Kate and Lucy.

I exhaled the breath I had been keeping for a while now, mumbling a quick reply.

I sank back into the dream world, hoping that it would be better than reality. 

The End

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