A Twist In FateMature

When 5 teenagers from 5 different cliques get together, what will happen between them all? A story filled with the drama, fireworks of love, and emotions gone crazy that will definetely shake up your world! Hope you like it!

Hello everyone!!

Well this was a predecided collab so no one else can actually participate right now. Sorry 'bout that.

The authors are:

- Myself writing the role of Aiden Wayde

- Xenie writing the role of Xian Hasphberg

- Spiderwebz writing the role of Jessica (Jess) Swanson

- StarFromSpace writing the role of Chloe Western

- LiesAndCatchyHooks writing the role of Asaya Monroe 

I hope y'all enjoy this story. It's going to include romance between totally different personalities, a bit of mature content [related to drugs], and intense emotions between certain characters. We all want you to read, rate, and write comment on our work and tell us what you think of it!


The End

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