A Thought, A Message, A Mantra is a collection of just those three things, words that have picked you out and said "You. You should think about me." You can add to this collection, a poem, a diary entry, a story, anything that has changed your perceptions of life or pause for thought.
This is, above all, something that you should enjoy writing, getting off your chest, sharing with others - especially when you have no other way to. Pour out your heart or just a few words. Make them good ones.

17.03.15: Waiting for the Aurora Borealis. 

This. This is what life is about. I crane my neck to see due North out of an east facing window. I'm sat on the floor, my face half obscured by my curtains, my laptop on my knees. I'm typing but every clause or so I glance up. "Are they here yet?" My head asks. 

"No. Not yet." Reply my eyes. I have been told that the Aurora Borealis will appear above the East Midlands, UK, tonight. This week I am surrounding myself with astronomical events, there is an eclipse on Friday and I will have to lead a group of teenagers, people my own age, in a safe viewing of the eclipse. It will end in disaster. Someone is going to blind themselves. But what is life without a risk? 

I am hopefully going to see two of the most beautiful and exciting astronomical events this week. I might lose sleep to see them, I might end up blinding myself permanently. This made me think: we, as humans, enjoy going out of our way to see the beauty that life has to offer. We risk our health, we face our fears, we do whatever it takes to get a glimpse of the sublime. Rightly so. 

Some people have sat in metal tins full of flammable fuel just to see Earth from a different angle, just to be closer to the moon and stars. Some people have risked being penniless in order to create art, something they love. People do anything to pursue that which they perceive as beautiful. And though I'm only sat in a position that might make my neck ache for a couple of minutes to see the Northern Lights briefly before I go to bed, I feel like I have taken one small step for me, one giant leap for my mind.

Take risks, follow dreams, do what ever you can to recognise the beauty in the things you know, discover the beauty in the things you've never seen before and create beauty in the things you do.

The End

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