A Story About The Authors of Protagonize


Okay, here's the challenge guys, which will be interesting the second time around because there are so many new people on here: 

It feels like years since we last did this,
we filled each other with words of bliss
that made each other belong to one
place that hosts what we can become.

So I invite you fellow writers and all
to write a short story, letter, or poem to an author that you call
your favourite, a friend, or an avid writer
in the pages of this website that breaks all dividers

in the world of fiction and all other genres...
So walk on through, great writers, please do
let us see what you have to say
without your wordings getting astray.

But there are some hints,
some guidelines if you please,
one author writes about three at a time
will make this no crime

As well as tagging others
 not yet on this list, that
can write something about someone else..
This should be fun, and my rhyme is all gone!

So don't be scared to share,
we've done this before,
and as Nick asked me once
Let's do this again, let's start the show! 

The End

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