One more night

the samurai brought a thousand deaths to that army before the first noon hour. No man could stop his fury. Hid anger was so great that the very gods in heaven quaked in fear from the pure malice that evaporated from him. The enemy force could not withstand his barrage of death. The words on his blade read, "Power for justice and death for evil." The enemy fled in the face of such raw power. 

That night the Hero Swift entered the village to meet happy villagers, a loving wife, a bountiful feast, and a child that he could hold, and hug, and kiss probably for the last time. His rival spared with him and his master complimented him. He encouraged the village and the village encouraged him. He Loved them and they loved him. He had sleep and morning drink. Then, faced with the same death that was given to him the day before, he went out to meet it. To fight it.

The End

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