You have not even seen what I can do.

A small grin spread across his face. He was in his element, With a foul swoop of his sword and head dropped as the half of another body. The army around him looked like they had just seen themselves die, but they hadn't,yet.
 Three younger soldiers ran at him. One slide onto the ground trying to trip him up, a few seconds he was used as a trampoline and the second running alongside was used as a springboard which meet the death of the third who was then used as a club on the end of his sword to kill the other two.
 10 deaths later a voice was herd from the back of the crowd of mortified army.
"You have had your fun , time to die,"
The crowd made a path that revealed a big built bruit with two swords.
"Ha,"He scoffed. "Who is going to deliver this death, you?"
"The tales of the immortal worrier Swift are tall tales that I think , you can't live up to"The twin swordsman said pacing in a circle causing his forces to form a circle around the two.
"Ah i beg to differ, but if you think you can beat me..."Swift stabbed the ground and left his balanced in a indent and sat behind it. "Try."
 Seconds later the twin swords were cut in half and 'the big man' was on the floor with swift's sword in his right eye ball.
 "Next?"Swift shouted.

The End

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