The unstoppable Samurai

A single samurai that fights to Protect his village.

protagonize tennis

His village in need, pilfered, raw, and damaged. He grips his sword with his hands and tightens such hold. A thousand thoughts whirl through his mind. "What will happen to my wife, kids, friends, rivals, master, and my apprentice if i fall here?" He expels these thoughts as he focuses on the massive army before him. He starts to walk towards the collective foe with the grim fate amid its bowels. His walk turns into a run and then into a sprint. His yell can be heard over the clatter of the villagers setting up there defence. The villagers stop what ever they are doing and solute there hero in there hearts and on there bodies. 

The hero ends his sprint with a jump. His jump soars above the spears and he lands behind the pikemen. His sword does not even give the foes a moment to turn around and there blood is the first to taint the pure snow. "Come at me you shameless heffers!" He yells. The force of steel swarmed over the samurai. He twirls his blade over and again slicing and shredding foes around and before. Nothing can stop him. The village horn alerts the Samurai that the defence has been completed. He smiles knowing that he finished his job. 

This is the storie of his life.

This is the storie of his fight.

The End

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