We were shoving each other playfully, Skye, Austin, Emma and I, while sitting around a fire with it's delicious burning wood smell. I was very happy at the moment, the fact that Emma was okay was very relieving, she had me worried there for a minute. However the wolf problem and Ellori came back to mind. We had Austin and Seph get us to the cliff, via flight and speed. Seph couldn't carry us well, but we made it there in one piece which was the important thing. The wolves had followed though, and their howls echoed in the distance, ever approaching.

"Let's go up and make sure Ellori's doing okay," I suggested, and the others quickly agreed. He hiked up the small incline, and entered into our little cave. Emma and removed all dampness, and Skye had blown out all the rubble, though some dust had collected since.

"How's she doing?" Austin asked Seph, who was holding her beside a small fire I had made for them earlier, we had left to give them privacy, but we really did need to stay together.

"I think she'll live," Seph replied gravely, "though how stably I don't know."

Emma looked questioningly and Seph, wondering what he had meant, though Skye leaned in and informed her before Seph had the chance to speak.

"He means she's breathing and pumping blood, but will most likely not be able to last a hard trip without proper medical care." Skye told her. Emma's hand found mine and I squeezed it for comfort, this was scary. A howl sounded in the background

"What do you think we can do?" Austin asked, trying to get or minds back tot he problem at hand.

"First, we need to set up to stay for a while," Seph said firmly, making it clear that we were not going anywhere while Ellori was like this.

"We also need to make sure those wolves don't bother us again," Skye nodded, confirming that we were staying yet that we needed to deal with nature.

"I think I can take them on, fire generally scares creatures off," I said, grinning slightly. I wanted to give those dogs a piece of my mind, any attempt to hurt my friends had to go punished.

"Okay then, and and Austin go take care of the pack, while we stay here and get food ready and prepare for a stay," Emma said, forming a plan.

"Sounds good to me," Austin said, kissing Skye in the forehead, and taking off outside.

I pulled Emma into a hug, kissed her full on the mouth, and broke off into a run after Austin.

We stopped at an area just far away enough from camp to keep the wolves far away, but close enoguh to be able to find our way back again. A howl broke the silence o the afternoon, sounding closer than ever. Quickly, we both readied ourselves, Austin breaking off a branch from the top of a tree and I taking a stance in which I could fire fireballs at the mutts.

A completely white and gray wolf came up first, followed closely by five others-two brown ant the rest gray or white.

Austin took on the leader, while I tried fending off the others. He whacked, I burned, we tried not to kill them, hoping to mostly scare them away. However one did end up dead at the end, he was quite stubborn and absolutely refused to leave though his pack and turned around almost as soon as it had come.

We high- fived each other, feeling right proud of ourselves for defending the team, and then we headed back. Following my tracks to the camp, I let my thoughts wander. I thought about Emma mostly, about her family, her life, her home. She had more to loose than I did by being out here. I silently vowed to get her back home safe and sound, she deserved it.

Both Austin and I made it back to camp in one piece, thought we had flown and walked. I headed up to the cave, and kissed Emma again. The relief on her face was plainly obvious.

"Doubted my mad skills did you?" I asked her playfully, looking down at her beautiful face which was pressed against my chest.

"Never," she told me, looking up. Her brown eyes sparkled in the way only they could, and I kissed her again before letting go.

"So, what's new here?" Austin asked, looking at the rather transformed cave


The End

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