Ellori’s blood stained jeans nearly scared me half to death.  Once Austin set her down  extremely gently onto a  branch, he disappeared down to go and get Seph. Aidans’s arm was secured tightly around my waist, but even then I wobbled on our branch just a bit.

The wind was blowing hard against our faces.

“Skye! Can you stop the wind a bit?” Aidan asked her. He was looking at her with urgency. The harsh wind immediately stopped. Aidan looked down at Ellori and began to get hot. I mean, hot hot. I took that small opportunity to break free from his grasp and climbed down a branch to reach  Ellori. Of course, Aidan protested by reaching his hand out to pull me back, but I refused. His heat was now getting really high and he was glowing orange again. He must not be able to control his powers too well when he was upset. I looked down at Ellori, who was panting and sweating. She looked awful.

“Ellori! Are you ok? Ok, you need to sit up just a bit. Come on!” She winced as I tried to help her get into a more comfortable position, which was difficult by the way because we were on a branch...high up in a tree.

“What do I do?” I shouted up to Aidan and Skye.

“Try to clean her bite. Use your water or something!” Skye yelled back to me.

“Do we need to come down?” Aidan asked me.

“If you do, the branch will snap, and that would not be good.” I answered back. I could hear the wolves circling the tree and some grunts made by Austin and Seph. I didn't dare look down at what was going on. Austin arrived with Seph hanging on for dear life. Austin set Seph on a branch just below me and Ellori so that he could reach up for her bloody hand. Austin then flew up to join Skye who looked ghost white.

I tried to concentrate and suck the moisture out of the air, but everything around me felt dry and hot. I felt dehydrated.

“Aidan, cool it! You’re evaporating all of the water out of the air! I can’t get any!” I looked up at him apologetically, but he just seemed to be doing every thing but relax.

I suddenly felt extremely dizzy. Before I fell off my branch, I heard a painful yelp of terror. Everything went black.


                                                *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


A soft, constant crunch woke me up. Everything was fuzzy and unclear. I blinked once, twice, and then threw my eyelids back. I could see some wet, green grass and a cloud covered sky. The whole world was bobbing up and down, like I was on a boat or something.

“Are either of them awake? Ooh! Look! Emma’s waking up!” Skye was nearby, relief all over her face. “Emma?” She was staring at me with curiosity. I wanted to answer her, but my throat felt all sticky and dry.

Instead of saying something, I just lifted my head up. It felt like there were a dozen weights inside my skull. The bobbing stopped immediately and I was lowered onto the soft grass.

“Emma? Can you hear me?” It was Aidan this time.

 “Aidan? Aidan!” I sat up quickly, maybe a little bit too quickly. Aidan was crouched down next to me, one had holding my elbow, trying to steady me. “Oh man. What happened? Ellori? Where’s Ellori!?” I looked at him and then up at Skye.

“She’s still out.” Austin told me. “Seph is with her.”

“But where are they? I don’t see them.” Come to think of it, where were they?

“They’re over in that cave thing. Ellori’s pretty beat up. That wolf got her good.” Austin said pulling Skye closer to himself and she hugged him tightly.

“So what are we gonna’ do next?” I looked at Aidan, Skye, and Austin. No one bothered to answer my question.

I looked around. We were on a steep hill that overlooked everything. I could see a river off in the distance and a small forest further down. We were sitting in a beautiful field. There was a small fire going. 

Some of the food that we packed was spiked on a stick and was now hanging over the roaring fire . I assumed that Aidan was the one who had gotten the fire started.

“Eeew. That smells really gross. What is that?” I asked them, wrinkling my nose.

“It’s…uh…to be honest, I’m not really sure. Austin’s the one who put it all together.” Skye informed me. I looked over at him.

“It’s a mixture of hot dog, marshmallow, pancakes, strawberries, broccoli and toast.” Austin said with a grin on his face.

“Dude, there is no way I’m gonna’ eat that.” Aidan said.

“I second that!” I followed.

“I’ll try it.” Skye offered. She took one of the sticks and took a bite.

“Ughh!” She spat it out almost as quickly as she had put it in her mouth. Austin just laughed. Skye shoved him playfully. Aidan and I joined in.

I got up, still laughing, and headed off to the small cave to check up on Ellori and Seph.

The End

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