I watched Emma and Skye chase each other around, barely able to keep myself from bursting out laughing. I loved watching my Skye have such fun even when we had all been taken so far from home. We had a long way to go...I wonder what we would end up would us Americans get back home...we didn't have anywhere near enough money for a plane ticket! Maybe we could call our parents at the nearest city or something. Come to think of it...where was the nearest city? I couldn't see any signs of human habitation anywhere! And I don't think any of us knew where we were...other than near some mountain range (probably the alps) in Switzerland.

I sighed...well, so long as we kept going in the same direction then we should eventually get to a city right? Or at least a village where someone might have a cell phone or something. As we walked through the lush, green forest at the base of the mountains suddenly a fierce howling sounded nearby. It sounded like a full pack of wolves was right next to us! I quickly picked up Skye and flew her into a nearby tree...wolves couldn't climb right?

"Stay here Skye," I ordered her sternly.

"But I--" she began.

"No buts, you can still help from up here...I need to go get the others now so please don't cause me more worry than is absolutely necessary." With that I flew back down and began to ferry people to the treetop. I had just gotten Emma up with Skye when the wolves appeared. They're sleek, gray-blue coats shining gently in the sunlight. Their sharp fangs were bared menacingly in many angry snarls. They meant business. Ellori had morphed into a sleek black panther and she growled back threateningly at the wolves. I quickly flew down and took Aiden to join Emma and Skye.

“Aww, come on!” he complained as I carried him up.

I grinned at him, “How else am I supposed to be the one getting all the glory?” I asked jokingly. Aidan humphed as I landed him on a branch and went back for Ellori. Just as I almost got to her, one of the wolves decided to attack her. Ellori flung one of her huge paws at it and snarled. It hit the wolf on the nose, leaving behind bloody slash marks where Ellori’s claws had dug into its muzzle. The wolf squealed and quickly backed off. As it did however another wolf lunged forward and latched its jaws onto one of Ellori’s hind legs. Ellori let out a cat-howl of pain and turned on the wolf. However she couldn’t get at the wolf because as she turned, so did the wolf. At that point Seph sped in with a large branch and cracked it over the poor wolf’s skull. The wolf immediately let go of Ellori’s leg and backed off dazedly. I quickly flew down to Ellori who was keeping her hind leg off the ground painfully.

“Ellori, you need to change back so I can take you up the tree!” I ordered urgently.

Cat-Ellori looked at me and growled as she indicated Seph with her head. I shook my head, “No Ellori, he can easily outrun all of them…I need to take you first! Hurry!”

For a second it looked like Ellori was going to refuse, but then she obediently transformed back into a human. As soon as the transformation was complete she yelped and would have fallen over if Seph hadn’t been there to catch her. There was a nasty gash in her leg that would definitely need to be taken care of ASAP; already the edges of her pant legs were stained red. I quickly flew her up to the tree and handed her to Skye before going back to Seph, who was busy dodging wolves and hitting them with his tree branch. I picked him up just as a wolf lunged for him, soon we were all up safely in the tree…the only thing was, the wolves didn’t seem to want to leave, they were all gathered around the base of the tree.

The End

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