We headed off with enough food for about three days, and maybe less than that at the rate we were eating. Powers may make us hungrier or something, but we went through two picnic tables of stuff in under half and hour! I didn't voice my thoughts however, because I agreed with everyone, we needed to get out of here.

I held the rear with Austin, who was hovering just above the ground so that he looked to be an inch taller.

"That's not fair," I told him, frowning.

"what?!" he asked a bit worriedly, that was out of character

"You're already so much taller than me, no need to add the extra inch!" I exclaimed, grinning.

He smiled back at me and fell to the ground, pulling me into a side hug. I put my arm around him and grinned, I could definitely stay like this for a long time.

A slight breeze started up, blowing enough to keep us cool and not be too cool, I was rather happy with his accomplishment.

"You okay Skye?" Austin asked looking at my face, "you look a bit pale" he told me.

"Really?" I asked him, hands flying to my face and accidentally stopping the breeze.

"Whoa, now you look completely normal, that was weird," Austin siad, scanning my face for any irregularities.

"What's up?" Emma asked, she had noticed that we had stopped.

"Um, my face is apparently changing colours," I informed her, looking questioningly at her face.

"uh?" she asked, confused.

"Her face was really pale,and when I told her she somehow became normal again," Austin told her, from a slight distance, remembering her water bomb.

Emma gasped "Aidan did the same thing!" she exclaimed, turning to a baffled Aidan standing beside her. "He was being a fire, and he started glowing a light orange colour! I wasn't going to say anything, but maybe it's connected?" she asked. She had a point, I was doing a breeze, so maybe our powers affected our facial colour?

"I was keeping a slight breeze.." I trailed, thinking about starting up another one to test my theory.

"Here, lemme try then," Austin interjected

He started flying up, and I watched his face closely. It started out as a light tanned face, normal looking for him. Then, after a few seconds, it started lightening. After about a minute it was a slight blueish colour, yet close enough to his normal look that I wouldn't have noticed it unless I was paying attention.

"That's so strange!" Ellori said, also noticing the colour change.

We all started using our powers, and looking at each other turn a different colour, related to the power they were using. By the time we had established that we all changed colour when using our power (Ellori not so much, but she was already transformed so it was hard to tell if she was a strange colour), we started moving on, not wishing to spend too much time on the facial thing.

"It's so bizarre," I told Emma, who I was now walking beside. "I mean, how did we not realize it before?" I asked.

"Well, we weren't really studying each others faces before..." she replied, "And we were also trying not to die," she grinned at me. I smiled and thought back to the mountain that we had been on not even two hours ago.

"I guess you're right," I told her, putting my hands into my pockets, wondering still about the odd physical aspect of our powers.

"I always am," she winked. I shoved her to the side playfully and ran up to the front, Emma chasing me. I giggled as she tried to tackle me, and ended up crashing into Aidan, who gladly caught and pulled her into a hug and kiss. I grinned as she paused, happy to be with Aidan, but then three seconds after he let her go, she ran at me again.

After a few minutes of us chasing and dodging each other, we finally slowed, and looked at the great expanse that lay before us.


The End

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