Pizza, mashed potatoes, chicken, popcorn, coke, chips, trail mix, lasagna, you name it, it was there. As soon as I saw the loaded table, I almost cried with joy. I hadn’t really noticed how absolutely starving I was.

Aidan dropped my hand and began to sprint towards the food and I followed closely behind him. Immediately after I took a seat on the wooden bench next to Skye, I began to eat whatever I could get my hands on.

After a few bites of who knows what, I looked around at the others. They all looked happy, a new kind of energy stored up in them.

“Hey Emma,” I looked over at Skye who was currently eating a rather large slice of pizza, “There’s some coffee at the end of the table!”

I looked at her and swallowed whatever was in my mouth. Once I got over my shock, I turned my head in the direction that Skye was pointing to, and sure enough, there were six thermoses of hot coffee waiting for us at the end of the table.

I shot out of my seat and ran for my beloved and well missed beverage. I could hear the others laughing as I took a long sip of the warm coffee.

“Is it any good Emma?” Ellori asked me right after she transformed from an elephant back into human form. I’m not going to lie, that was pretty cool.

“Well its way better than that other stuff I had before. Almost, almost as good as the coffee I make.” I answered her looking down at the thermos. They all laughed again. I handed a thermos to the girls and to Seph. Austin came over and got himself one along with a handful of cookies. I grabbed the remaining thermos and headed over to Aidan.

“Here. I demand that you try this stuff.” He took it with a quiet chuckle as I sat down next to him. He was warm, warm, warm. He made a thoughtful face as he decided weather or not if it was worthy enough to be finished off.

“I give it an eight out of ten. It’s just a tad bit strong...”

“And thick. Yeah. That’s what I thought.” I smiled at him. Finally, someone who has good taste!

“Hey Aidan, can you turn up the heat just a bit?” Austin complained to him. "Emma's hogging all of the heat!"

I glared over at Austin. His playful face looked smug, too smug in fact. In less than a second, I assembled a little ball of water and threw it over at Austin. It met his face with a loud smack and splash! Everyone doubled over with laughter when they saw the stunned look on his face.

Once we all settled down, I scooted further down the bench so that Aidan could act as a fire place to the others as well. As he got hotter, an orange kind of glow hovered around him. That’s interesting, I thought to myself.

“So, what are we going to do now?”  Aidan asked everyone.

“What do you mean?” Austin asked stuffing a marshmallow into his mouth.

“I mean, are we just going to wait around for the oldies to send us on some other strange and pointless mission to cause us more hardship; or are we going to run away and get out of their reach?” I shuddered at the thought of what Mr. Binks would do to us if he caught us.

“What about our families?” Ellori added. “They said they would kill them if we didn’t do as they said!”

“We did do as they said! Now we can go back to them! And if they try and kill them…well with our abilities I think we could probably hold them off. Maybe we should gather all our families together so that we could combine our abilities to protect them!”

Yes! I really missed my mother and couldn’t wait to see her again, hopefully unharmed. That would give me a chance to introduce her to Aidan.

“Let’s do it!” Ellori was practically bouncing up and down in her seat with excitement.

“I’m in.” I really was. The others agreed.

There wasn’t much food left, but we gathered what we could and started off…again.

The End

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