Food! I needed it so badly! It had been three grueling days and two nights, all without any kind of food. I was so hungry I felt like I was about to implode! As I switched to my penguin form it seemed less of a problem, but it was still there. As I slid alongside Seph I saw that we had finally gotten back down! I grinned happily as I saw the picnic tables laden with food. Thank goodness! These people may have kidnapped us and sent us on a suicide mission…but for some reason they were still willing to feed us at the end of it.

As we arrived I quickly transformed into an elephant and grabbed as much food as I could and stuffed it into my huge mouth. “Hey!” cried Austin, “No fair! I want some too!”

I eyed him, annoyed, but transformed back into a human. Suddenly I was very full, and realized that an elephant’s stomach is quite a bit larger than a human’s…I wouldn’t be doing that again…I smiled at Austin as he began to inhale all the food he could get his hands on. I moved and sat near Seph as he ate at enormous speeds (he was kind of cheating with his super speed ability but I didn’t really care). “Hey uh, Seph…you know it takes twenty minutes for your stomach to register that it is full right? So if you keep eating like that you won’t know you’ve eaten too much until your stomach bursts…”

Seph looked at me guiltily with his cheeks still puffed up full of mashed potatoes. I laughed and he grinned as he swallowed it.

“Well then in that case…I’ve probably eaten enough,” he smiled as he put an arm around my shoulders. I leaned into his big strong chest. It really enjoyed being able to do this. Seph was my very first boyfriend…maybe he would be my last too! That was a happy thought. I certainly wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life with him.

“So, what are we going to do now?” Aidan’s voice broke me out of my reverie.

“What do you mean?” asked Austin.

“I mean, are we just going to wait around for the oldies to send us on some other strange and pointless mission to cause us more hardship; or are we going to run away and get out of their reach?”

“What about our families?” I put in. “They said they would kill them if we didn’t do as they said!”

“We did do as they said! Now we can go back to them! And if they try and kill them…well with our abilities I think we could probably hold them off. Maybe we should gather all our families together so that we could combine our abilities to protect them!”

That idea satisfied me. That meant I could protect my family and be with Seph and be able to count on his protection. It was a pretty good-sounding deal.

“Let’s do it!” I said emphatically. Everyone else was quick to agree.

We quickly packed up all the remaining food from the tables and headed out on our way. Not one of us worried about whether we would make it home; after all we had just climbed the highest mountain in Switzerland without any equipment, food, or even warm clothes! If we could do that, then we could certainly make it back home…

The End

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