Seph called out "Aidan, let there be fire!"

So, naturally, I grinned and looked through my pockets for a lighter or match box. Two seconds later I realized that I could set the thing on fire myself. After looking around to see if anyone noticed my hesitation (no one had, except maybe Skye, and I couldn't tell) and I then proceeded to light the fire.

I set my hand on fire, and touched the logs, and after a few seconds, seconds that were spent drying the wood, the sticks caught fire a large blaze shot up. I felt pleased with myself, but a little mystified. What kind of stuff could I do with my fire? Could I set stuff on fire without touching it? As I thought about this, the others sat down around the fire, I had melted the snow and Emma pulled the wetness away.

I took my place between Emma and Austin, and struck up a conversation with Austin, he seemed cool and I didn't know him very well yet.

"So, pretty crazy huh?" I asked, hoping to get him talking, I was never could at asking questions, even though everyone else said otherwise.

"I know really! The sleds are awesome, though beng stuck here kinda sucks" he said, frowning at the last thing he mentioned.

"I know right," I responded, " where are you from when you're not being kidnapped?" I asked.

"US, California." He answered. I thought about this, and after locating it my face lit up.

"Like, the sunshine state or something right?" I asked, excited. I loved the sun, and the beach.

"Yeah," he smiled, "except we're the Golden States... and the water temperature is freezing, I where a wet suit when I go surfing." He grinned at me as I pretended to hide my face in shame at my mistake. The states were so confusing, California's sunny, but cold water.. how does that work?!

He continued talking about surfing and California, and I protested against stuff I had learned in movies. He continuously laughed at me and corrected me errors in my beliefs about California, until Skye came up to him.

"Hey," she started, looking at both Austin and me, "sorry to intrude, but I need to talk to you Austin." She said, looking at him. I excused myself and watching the head off to a more secluded area, and after they sat down she started talking to him. It seemed kind of private, so I looked away and was about to get up when I almost hit Emma.

"Hey, I need to talk to you," she said, her face looked determined and after looking around, I saw that Ellori had gotten Seph too. I wondered what this was all about, but she grabbed my hand and lead my over to a corner around the fire before I could ask her about it.

"What's going on?" I asked, hoping she understood I meant about everyone breaking up and talking to each other. She shifted a little uncomfortably and looked at me, her beautiful brown eyes meeting my grayish blue ones.

"Well, us girls decided to take you guys aside to tell you something...." she trailed off. I looked at her curiously and gently laid my hand on hers.

"Well, I kinda like you," she said, blushing and then looking into the fire. The flame danced in her eyes, and her cheeks were a rose red.

Well," I started, "that's probably for the best since I kinda like you too." She looked up at me once again, her alight, relief flooding her face. She smiled and laid her head on my shoulder. I placed my arm around her and wrapped her up. Nothing was going to hurt her, and I was going to love her.

I kissed the top of her head, and she giggled a little. We sat like that for a while, pretty much in the same was that the rest of the, what I now supposed to be, couples.

We all eventually fell asleep, the fire ran low, and I kept my heat on minimum so as not to burn Emma, but to warm her. Her head was resting against my chest when we both awoke, startled by screams and shouts.

Everyone ran over to the edge of the cliff, form where we had heard the noise. We were all there, all except for Austin. Oh no! Not again!!!!!

I looked around frantically, where could he be. It then occurred to me to looked up for some reason, and I looked at the same time a a big hunk of white snow came down. Skye blew it away before it hit us, but Austin was still up there, grinning widely.

"It's Peter Pan ya'll!" Elorri shouted, pointing up.

"You're darn right it is," Austin beamed, "and I am now a super person as well!"

We all started laughing at him as he tried to touch back to the ground After a few failures, he finally figured out how to descend without killing himself, and he touched down gently.

After we all finished exclaiming over his power, we took turns drinking from the water bottle we had brought along, and rubbed our stomachs out of hunger. Hopefully the old dudes or the creepy dude would have some food for us once we got down.

Once we mounted or sleds again, all in a single file line, with myself in the front and Emma behind me, Skye let down the wind barrier and we shot down down, Austin flying above us and Ellori maneuvering as a penguin. Seph had tried running, but it was impractical in all the snow and rocks.

After a few hours, and some breaks, we could finally see the bottom, and picnic tables absolutely loaded with food!


The End

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