Skye was stopping me from going full speed, I wondered how fast I could go if I pushed as hard as I could, would I go faster because I was faster? Austin, Emma, Aiden and Skye stopped and the preventing wind ceased, I began to cascade down the slope, Elorri somewhere behind me. I stopped as I realised that the others weren't coming,

"Great, back up I go...!" I groaned aloud, but as I said it I saw the first glimpse of Elorri. I waited for her to join me; she stopped and stood up leaving her piece of wood on the ground,

"The sleds worked better than I thought," she told me,

"In England we call them sledges," I smiled,

"It's strange that," she said coming to stand near me,

"Do you know how you turned back into a human?" I asked her, she pursed her lips,

"No, but I'm hoping I'll be able to figure it out tonight because I'm freezing in this form," she said shaking with cold, I was about to put my arm around her but I looked up the mountain to see the first glimpse of the others. Elorri coughed to break the awkward silence,

"They're coming," I said, she nodded,

"Shall we run and meet them?"

"We'll just wait," I said my eyes glued to the four of them,

"We seem to get on better when I'm not human," she suddenly said, I turned to her,

"Sorry I'm just really cold and tired," she nodded knowingly,

"I shouldn't have said anything," this time I put my arm around her shoulder and we watched as the others pulled up in their sledges.

"Should we keep going, even though it's dark?" Elorri asked.


"I think you should turn into a penguin," I said smiling, she laughed and then turned back to the others,


"Should we stay, and sleep for the night. Or, should we go, and maybe finish up?" Skye asked,


"Stay!" we all agreed,

"Can you not make your igloo again?" I asked Elorri,

"What? With these hands? Make it yourself," she said grinning again, everyone headed towards the wooded area,

"Did we have a time limit to finish this?" Aiden asked,

"I hope not," Emma exclaimed,

"If we don't come back they'll presume we died," Skye said rather morbidly,

"Yes, that's the spirit keep things positive," I said grinning,

"I don't know how you can smile, this is my idea of hell," Austin said,

"Gee thanks," I added sarcastically,

"No, I mean all you guys are great. It just feels like a bad dream, that's all, a really cold nightmare,"

"It is cold," Elorri said,

"Let's make a fire," I offered throwing a twig into the snow, others followed and soon we have a soggy pile of wood,

"It's wet,"

"Aiden!" I called, "Let there be fire,"



The End

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