After getting through the whole cave ordeal, and losing Austin, I was beginning to wonder what in the world was going to happen next. Would someone get hurt, or die even? I gulped, these were not pleasant thoughts. I needed to take my mind off of stuff, I needed to focus on something I liked, maybe loved. Something happy, something...

"Hey Skye," a panting Austin said to me, disrupting my thoughts. Was he the happy thing I was supposed to think of? It sure seemed like it.... the way my heart got quick. But that was probably just from the scare he gave me by popping up so suddenly... or was it?

"I'm so happy that Emma and Aidan are taking away this snow thing!" I exclaimed, hoping to get onto something more trivial, I needed to think some things through... was it possible that I liked Austin? Or was it maybe just the surroundings, it was cold, white, and cold. I was tired, I needed some support, the others were pairing off, so was I just choosing Austin because he was the leftovers?

"I know really! But it's nice to be going down now," he informed me. Wait, what?!!?!

"We're going down!" I shouted, hoping no one else heard me, because we had been going down for quite some time, since our shortcut thing.... how unobservant I am!

Austin just laughed at me, for a very long time. I playfully shoved him aside and picked up my pace, hoping he would follow. He did. Great, I like this guy!

"Wow, that was funny." he said, trying to keep laughter down. He all of a sudden light up, like he had an idea or something.

"Hey, I have an idea!" He exclaimed, again, and I sighed.

"What is it?" I asked, a bit cautious, Austin seemed like he was the kid who jumped off banisters when he was a kid to see if he could fly.

"You'll see," he winked. Sigh, I really liked him. This was weird, I hardly knew him!

He grabbed my hand and we headed for some fallen trees. I sat on a bark-less log, and he started tearing massive strips of bark off of another fallen tree. I suddenly saw what he was trying to do, and grinned. I sent a wall of wind to block the others, and helped Austin gather the six bark pieces and headed down to the others.

"What's the big idea you guys?" Seph asked. "I was about to take off when I felt a wall hit me!" he said, rubbing his forehead a little.

"We all wanna get down faster don't we?" Austin began. Seph was about to interrupt him, but I shot him a look- shutting his mouth right up. "Well, I have the answer to our problems! Sleds!" He exclaimed gleefully, holding up the pieces of bark- big enough for one person to ride on through the snow, and hopefully thick enough to not fall apart.

"Sleds!!!" all the guys exclaimed. Grabbing for one. Austin grinned and handed them out to everyone. The girls seemed less enthusiastic, probably because they were looking at the practical side of things-what if we fell off the mountain? But I was in too high spirits to think about that. We had sleds, Austin had given them to us, and I wasn't going to complain.

"Okay, so I'll make a little wind wall or something, to keep everyone on a straight path, and I'll push from behind or the front to speed us up or slow us down."I said, hoping this would ease some thoughts of caution, it did.

"Okay, on the count of three!" Austin shouted above the breeze I was beginning to form. This was gonna get good!

"One, Two..." but that was as far as he got, we all jumped down on two, and started speeding down the incline. I Had sent a slight breeze down ahead of us, clearing out sticks and stuff. So we had a clear path. We zipped super fast, and I had to slow us down so as we wouldn't go TOO fast.

Aidan stuck out his hand, and waved it at me, like he was flagging me down. So I sent a stronger wind in front, stopping us a little, and then altogether.

"What's up?!" I called to him, hoping I hadn't misinterpreted his waving.

"I gotta make some yellow snow! He called back, walking over to some bushes on the side. Some of the other stood up to, leaving Emma and me alone to wait for the others.

"So, you and Aidan?" I asked her. She grinned.

"You and Austin, huh?" She replied, I grinned.

We stood there grinning for a while, lost in thought about 'our man'. Did Austin really like me? I was in for some heartbreak if not, but before I could ask her what she thought, the others came back.

"Let's head out!" Aidan called, grinning at Emma.

We all mounted our sleds again, and headed back down. And at about half way down, we stopped for a rest, and it was getting dark.

"Should we keep going, even though it's dark?" Elorri asked, by her voice I could tell that she wanted to stop.

"I think you should turn into a penguin," Seph said randomly to her. It was a good idea, but not relevant.

"Should we stay, and sleep for the night. Or, should we go, and maybe finish up?" I repeated Elorri's question.

A howl in the night answered our question.

"Stay!" we all exclaimed at once, and upon realizing that everyone said the same thing, we all grinned and headed off to find somewhere to sleep.



The End

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