We all shuffled out of the little shelter that Ellori had dug out for us to sleep in.  My teeth were chattering and I was pretty sure that my toes were purple. I moved closer to Aidan, hoping to warm my body a bit. He let of just a little bit of heat so that he wouldn't barbeque me instantly. There was something about Aidan that made me want to stay around him for forever. He was just so easy to be around. And he was warm, a big bonus.

We walked a little bit behind the others so that we could talk in privacy. I asked him some questions about his life and he answered them.   He lived in a way different environment that I did. For starters, I had a home and a mom. I went to school regularly and knew what time I would have my next meal.  He didn't have any of that. We reached the family topic and I got on about my mom. I just realized how much  missed her.  She was my life back at home, my best bud but at the same time my mother. I could feel tears beginning to form in my eyes, ready to overflow and run down my frozen cheek.  I looked down at my boots, now muddy and a little out of shape. That was when Aidan put his arm around my shoulder.

I looked up at him and smiled. I felt safe with him around. I rested my head on his shoulder as we continued to press on. And then it hit me. At that moment, with my head on his shoulder, I realized how much I actually liked this guy. I tried to push that thought away, but it kept coming back to me. What if he doesn't like me? This will just make things weird. What will the others think? You don't even know this guy all that much.  I became aware that the tears had started down my face. Ugh. Emotions can be very annoying sometimes. 

“Aidan, Emma, get over here!” Skye yelled down to us. Humm. We had really fallen behind. Oops. I took my head off of Aidan and started to jog after the others. They were all assembled around a long cave thing.

"What's up?" Aidan looked around.

The others caught us up on how they had found a tunned and didn't know whether or not to try to go through it. Oh boy. I knew where this was going. Ellori, Skye and me wanted to go with the path. Seph, Austin and Aidan wanted to try and go through the 'tunnel'.  

I'd be safer to go with the path and I made sure everyone knew it. The girls agreed with me, but the boys wanted some kind of adventure or something. Great. And just when I thought we were all getting along. The killer part was that Aidan wanted to go the opposite way that I did. I should have kept my mouth shut.

We began to argue, but we were broken up when the human Ellori (how did that happen?) spoke up.

“I have a plan,”  I jumped a little, startled by her voice. I mean, she had just been a wolf had she not?

“Shoot,”  Seph encouraged her.

"Here's the plan" she started off. "Skye can shoot some wind down the tunnel to see if it really does have an exit. Aidan can shoot some fire balls down it, if it really does have an end that is, so that Seph can see where he's going. If anything goes wrong, like Aidan's fire balls light up something, Emma can extinguish it. If Seph does get hurt, than I can go and get him in some kind of animal form and bring him back. Sound good?" She finished off. Huh. A chance to use my powers to help out the group. It was worth a shot.

"I'm in." I told her.

"Me too." Skye said

"May as well." Aidan said, already beginning to form a ball of fire in his palms. I backed away just a bit. 

"What do I do?" Austin asked us. Ooh. He didn't have a power so there wasn't really a need for him at all. But I couldn't say that to his face. Seph did it for me.

"Err, you could maybe scout a little bit ahead on the trail with Skye after she's done. If this doesn't work, at least we'll know what we need to do next." He offered. That would work. 

"All right." Austin said, already starting up the barely visible path. 

We all got into our positions as Skye shot a blast of wind down the tunnel. The impact was so great that I stumbled backwards a bit. There was a large 'WOOSH'  and I knew that the wind had made it out the other side. YES! It was a shortcut! Aidan threw three large fire balls deep into the tunnel to provide  some light for Seph who had already started off for the other side. I had to put out a cobweb that had started a small fire, but other than that, it was looking good. Seph came racing back to us with a very wide grin on his face. 

"It all good. I was thinking that I could carry you all one by one. I'd be way faster and safer for you." 

"Sure." Ellori agreed, walking over to Seph. "I'll go first!" She told him. He gave her a piggy back and soon they were off. 

 Seph came back and this time, I offered to go next. My heart started to beat a bit faster as I climbed on his back. Once he began to really pour on speed, I could feel my cheeks flapping around. The whole experience made me a bit dizzy. We passed each one of Aidan's fireballs and loads of cobwebs. Eventually, we made it to the end of the tunnel. I climbed off the Seph express and almost fell over, but Ellori caught me firmly in her hands.  We sat down in the powdery snow and waited not so patiently for the others. Skye came next, and then Aidan.

"Where's Austin?" I asked everyone.

"Uhhhh..." Skye' eyes widened. 

"Oh man. I think we left him back on the other side. He's gotta be freaking right now..." Aidan trailed off.

I climbed over a snow mound and saw a large figure coming our way. I shot back down and whispered to the others,

"Guys, I think there's a wolf or something out there!"

"Are you sure it's not Ellori playing tricks again?" Seph asked me.

"Hey!" Ellori said in human form.

"Oh. Sorry." He apologized to her.

"Shhh!" Skye made a face at them.

The crunching sound got louder, as the wolf neared us. 

"Why are you guys hiding?!" A happy voice called out to us. I looked over the mound again, this time to find Austin climbing through the deep snow to get to us. So it wasn't a wolf, it was Austin. I think I'd take the wolf right now. 

"Onwards?" I suggested to the others. 

"We don't seem to have that much of a choice." Austin sighed. I got up and we once again began walking through the snow. Aidan went ahead and turned up his heat so high that most of the snow on the path had melted by the time we reached it. For this, I was eternally grateful.  I pushed away the water so that we wouldn't have to walk through slush.  The others looked eternally grateful.  




The End

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