As wolf-girl frolicked out in the snow with Seph I staid behind with Skye. She was really quite a nice person. As I moved on after Seph when he went speeding back, I felt a hand grab mine. It was Skye. I gave her a friendly smile and squeezed her hand in a way I hoped would communicate as affectionately. She was really pretty nice, at least from what I had seen. She just got a little snappy when she was under stress…but then who didn’t?

I supported her as we slowly picked out way through the snow toward the distant figures of Seph and Ellori. I kind of envied Ellori, she was able to move quickly and lightly on top of the snow instead of having to wade through it. Not only that, but she was warm! With a nice furry coat like that even the coldest place on earth wouldn’t be uncomfortable! I sighed, at least I had Skye here by my side, and she seemed to have taken as much of a liking to me as I had taken to her. This was a good thing for sure.

I watched as the sun slowly made it’s way down the horizon with growing dread. No sun meant even less warmth than there already was. Every inch lower the sun sunk in the sky, the colder it seemed to get. If we didn’t find a way to keep warm, we would freeze to death up here.

All of a sudden I realized that Aidan was on fire! I was so relieved when he discovered his ability was keeping us all warm. Of all the things we needed…that was one of the most necessary. Well, ok maybe if someone had teleportation or flying or something that could quickly get us to the top that might have been slightly better, but be grateful for what God provides right? We all walked on for a while until the final rays of sun left the sky, and everyone was yawning heavily. “

Hey guys…maybe we should think about holing up somewhere?” I suggested. Everyone nodded and wolf-girl started to dig a hole in the deep snow piled on the side of the mountain. We all sat down and waited to see what she was up to as she dug deeper and deeper inside. Eventually she came out and motioned us inside with her head. It was only then that I finally understood what she had done. Now we had a little ‘igloo’ to keep the warmth in…snow was supposed to be a good insulator right?

“Hey would you look at that! Wolf-girl made us a den to stay in for the night!” I commented. She glared at me before moving back inside…maybe I aught to be nicer to her…she seemed to be taking my jibes the wrong way. When I went in I saw that Seph had already sped inside and seated himself next to wolf-girl…I mean Ellori. She had curled herself up next him and placed her head on his lap. Aww, how cuute. I didn’t say it out loud because I was being nice to her now. Skye and I sat down opposite them and Aidan and Emma came in and sat with their backs against the back of the tunnel wolf-girl…ugh, I mean Ellori…had made.

Aidan turned off his fire for fear of melting the snow above us and causing it to come crashing down on our heads. “Well, seeing as it’s dark and there isn’t much to do and it’s been a long and tiring day; I think I’ll go to bed folks…nighty-night!” I said. Then, without further ado, I lay down and cradled my head in my arm. There was some rustling as the others did the same, and I felt Skye’s back press up against mine sharing my warmth. I saw the other couples doing much the same thing. Ellori had curled up against Seph’s chest, and Emma and Aidan were in the same position as Skye and me. It had been a long day, and I was very, very tired; in other words: it didn’t take long for me to fall asleep.

I woke up the next morning feeling so sore and stiff that I could barely move. My arm also felt like it had fallen off…until I moved it, then pins and needles filled it and I grimaced heavily. I felt Skye begin to stir behind me and not long after I heard her groan as she woke up probably feeling much the way I did. We had had a lot of unaccustumed excersize yesterday and now we were paying for it. “Alright everybody! Wake up! It’s time for another fun-filled day of mountain climbing!” I called out sarcastically.

A chorus of groans filled the tunnel as people began to wake up. Soon everyone was up and stretching the cramps out of their muscles. Everyone except Seph, he was still asleep somehow. “Hey Ellori,” I called out to wolf-girl, “I think you should lick his face till he wakes up,” I grinned and indicated Seph.

Ellori gave a wolfish grin as she moved over to Seph and promptly began to slobber all over his face. 

The End

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