Once we had established that the wolf was in fact Elorri, we decided to press on. Or I guess Seph decided that we needed to press on. All this snow was beginning to annoy me, maybe I could make it un-snow? I tested out my theory. It failed. However maybe one day I could, when I figured out more about my power.

Austin muttered something about snow shoes. Ah, a luxury! I would trade most anything for some warm clothes and snow shoes at this point.

“Well, we've got to make do with what we have,” I replied, it sounded a bit like a snap, but only because I was freezing!! My toes were blue!

“Can't you melt it?” Aidan asked. How dare he question whether or not I would warm it up if I could!

“No I cannot” I retorted, hoping the message would get across that I most certainly would if I could and it would be considered an insult if he thought otherwise.

“Just asking...” he trailed. I looked at him apologetically, wishing I hadn't been so harsh. He nodded his head towards me, as if accepting my apology. I smiled, on the inside, and pushed on, hoping to catch up to Austin. I think I like that guy.

Seph yelled something about running, and I didn't even bother to respon., There was absolutely no way that I could run in this snow heap.

I looked around and realized that we were probably in some lake that had frozen over and been snowed on. I started hurried over to Austin, and grasped his arm for some support, he held me up, silently battling the elements with me.

All of a sudden, I heard Elorri(still a wolf) start running faster, and I looked up and realized that I could barely see Seph anymore. How was he so far away?!

Apparently,everyone else was thinking the same thing, guessing by the dumb-founded looks on their faces. And before I could get a sound out of my mouth, Seph was back. WHAT!?!?!

“I think I have a power too,” he said, grinning. Ya think?

We all shook the look of confusion from our face, and grinned at him. 4 down, 2 more powers to go.

We continued on, Seph running forwards and back, telling us about any obstacles, and constantly letting us know how slow we were. I grimaced whenever he came back, when he came back this meant that there was another challenge, like a fallen tree or something for us to overcome.

Austin was quite gallant and helped me over these things, and I made the sun shine just a little brighter on him, by trying to direct specific rays on him. I didn't know if it worked, but at least I was trying.

The landscape was changing, slightly. The snow was more slushy and water was pooled up in more places. We had entered into a wooded area, and left the lake behind us. And, as hard as I was trying, the sun was setting. I guess I could only control the wind and clouds, cause there was no stopping that great ball of gas. No re-inaction of the sun standing still like it did for Joshua from the bible.

We all noticed these subtle changes, and become even more cold, everyone was cold except for Elorri that is. She looked quite content in her wolves coat. I was extremely envious of her right now.

Aidan looked especially cold, his hands were solid blue with a tinge of purple at the veins. His nose had not enough blood to be red, and his ears looked like they could be chipped off.

Just as I was noticing this, he started to turn red, like, really red.

“AIDAN!” Emma exclaimed, dropping his hand from hers.

We quickly rushed over to him, yet stood back just in case.

All of a sudden, he burst into flame. The heat melted a circle around him, and Emma discreetly pulled the water away, making it dry (the snow was too heavy for her to move all the time, since it was frozen. She only moved snow when necessary). Aidan slowly began to 'power done', and returned to his normal self, looking quite pleased.

“Woah,” was all I could say. Fire. That was way cool!

“So, who needs a heater?” He asked, stating it like that was nothing out of the ordinary.

“Won't you incinerate us?” Austin asked, his hand gripping mine slightly tighter, was he being protective?

“I think I can control it,” he said, his forehead furrowing, as if in concentration. He skin got a slight glow to it, and looked very warm.

Emma slowly reached her hand out, trying to touch his without burning. She finally grasped his arm, and her fingers began to thaw. When we saw that it was safe, we hurried over to him to hopefully warm up.

After we had melted a tad, we began to walk again.

“Hey guys, let go a sec” Aidan said, I quickly took my hands off, as did everyone else, scarred hands were not what I was going for.

Aidan became hotter, and the heat felt like a walking fireplace. We no longer held on to him, but felt the heat all around us.

This was much better.

The End

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