I began to laugh, this was like a really strange dream; Switzerland, walking up mountains, magic powers, evil men and pure insanity. I watched the wolf, who by now we had established was Elorri, the girl who I had had a small crush on a few moments ago, wander round.

"Are we going to find Elorri?" I asked watching the crazed animal,

"You're so slow Seph. That is Elorri!" Emma told me,

"Do you really believe that?" I replied,

"It can write its names in the snow, if you can name an animal which can write let me know,"

"Ermm," I said in a voice which portrayed knowledge, "I'll let you know when I can think of one!" Emma grinned at me and then looked back at the wolf,

"What are we going to do?" Skye demanded,

"What can we do? I guess she'll just have to follow us," Austin replied, he turned to the wolf, "Elorri we don't know what to do," Aiden smirked, "Follow us and we'll sort it out later, I guess you're probably warmer in that form anyway," he finished.

"Come on troops," I called, the five of them looked up at me standing on the rock, I smiled and they sighed and climbed up to join me. We overlooked a large dip in the mountain; I guessed in summer it turned into a lake which people could swim in perhaps, right now it was a vast expanse of snow. We could clearly see the other side but it was just so far, I groaned and was joined by the rest of the group,

"And we're not even near the top," Aiden groaned,

"Come on, we're just going to get cold standing around," I said shivering, the wolf stood loyally by my side, it looked up at me, and I realized it was Elorri; the eyes of the wolf depicted such humanity there was no doubting. I was the first to take a step forward, my foot sunk deep into the snow,

"And that's why people wear snow shoes," Austin murmured,

"Well we've got to make do with what we have," Skye snapped shivering,

"Can't you melt it?" Aiden asked,

"No I cannot," Skye remarked,

"I just asked..." Aiden muttered,

"Come on guys, if we run maybe we'll get across quicker," I suggested,

"You can," Emma said,

"Fine I will, come on Elorri," I said to the wolf she looked up at me and half-smiled. I began to jog into the mass of snow, my feet kept sinking and I wasn't getting very far, my foot got caught and I fell face first into the snow. I heard a chorus of laughter and then I felt a wet nose on my cheek, I pushed the wolf's face away and tousled her fur, I began my running again my breath was coming out in steam from my mouth. I pushed harder wanting to prove my point, suddenly I was nearing the end of the lake a lot quicker than before. I turned around and saw Elorri loping through the snow towards me and then even further backwards a group of awestruck teenagers standing on the edge of the huge basin. I smiled, I was fast. 


The End

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