What was going to happen next? First, we were kidnapped from our homes, driven around on a very rough road to nowhere, brought to a strange tower, forced outside in freezing weather and told to climb an astronomical mountain. If we didn't, some one would get hurt. Our families to be exact.

I tried not to think about my mom. She was all that was left of my family. Karan Eastwood was not only my mom, but my best friend and my most absolute favorite person to be around.  My mom worked hard at her job as a journalist and now she was the head of a major newspaper. I had no idea what had happened to my dad. I had never met him or cared to.   But as I trudged up the mountain with the five teens that were my age, I could tell that they were all I had now. I had to completely trust them from this point on. 

I was pretty cold. My nose was a bright red and I shivered as we climbed up the mountain. At least I was better off than the other girls. I actually had shoes that covered my feet. There was a harsh wind blowing against us and we walked in silence for a while.  Austin had gone a little bit ahead of all of us, to see what we had to face next. So far, we were still alive. That's good, right?

"There's a raging river up ahead!" I heard a voice yell to be heard over the loud and dangerous wind. "There's no crossing point!" Austin informed us.

When we caught up with Austin, he was sitting down on a large rock, keeping his body warmth to himself. Every one but me and Aidan did the same. 

"Now what?" I asked the group. We all looked at each other. Was this already the end? We had just started. My frustration was digging deeper into me, and I had to let it out. 

"Great." I whined to the others, "This sucks because I went right through a clump of mud and my new boots are now officially ruined and I really need some coff- aaaaahhhhh!" A burst of strong wing literally pushed me off the rock and down to my doom. Despite my screams, I could still hear Aidan yell my name as he shot himself forward to try and save me. He failed. Miserably. 

My heart was racing and I stopped breathing. I closed my eyes, wondering when it would all be over. I could feel a sudden rush of power enter my body as something wet and cold engulfed my body. I blacked out. 

I woke up about a minute or two later (according to Seph) in the middle of the river! The thing that freaked me out the most was that the area around me was dry! The river had split and gone around the area where I was laying at the moment. I stood up and looked up at the place I had been a short while ago. No one was looking over the edge to look at the 'dead Emma'. I couldn't hear any voices, only the roar of the river.

I made a step to my left and the dry area around me followed. My clothes were cold, but not wet. The klutz in me showed up when I tripped over a stray rock sticking out of the sand and fell flat on my face . 

"Looks like you could use a hand." A familiar voice said.

I looked up and saw my team : Ellori, Seph, Aidan, Austin and Skye. The girls looked stunned, frozen in terror as they realized that I was alive and dry. Austin was looking at the dry circle that surrounded only me while the rest of the river rushed around me. Seph was looking from me, to the rock edge from which I had just fallen from.  The one who offered to help me up was Aidan. 

"Uh, yeah. It looks like I could." I said to him, a little embarrased to be found in such an awkward state. He offered me his hand and I took it gladly. He looked a little nervous to be out in the river. Once my hand was firmly in his, we stumbled over to everyone else. Everyone seemed to be in shock. 

"Did you just...I mean...that was...wow." Austin was gesturing at me and then at the river that now had no dry circle in it, seeing how I wasn't in it anymore.

"Your suppose to be dead. I saw you fall..." Ellori looked very confused.

 "I think I moved the water," I whispered to them, still stunned myself. 


"Mr.Binks said something earlier.." I could see Ellori searching her brain, trying to remember exactly what Mr. Binks had said.

"D'you think this is what he meant?!" Austin asked. I was still extremely freaked out by that whole water parting thing but I still heard Ellori mumble,

"Guys, I think that we aren't normal people anymore. At least Emma isn't. But..." She stopped as a blanket of snow started falling down on us. What's so weird about snow you may ask? Well, there wasn't a cloud in the sky at the moment, yet these snowflakes were coming from somewhere. Skye tilted her head sideways and closed her eyes. They shot back open as she realized something.

"I think that I can control the weather."She seemed freaked out at her own words and I heard Austin let out a quiet snort. What she said sounded insane to me, and I was the one who had just fallen a good couple of feet into a river but was still alive, yet I believed her. Not only did she seem like a completely honest person, but I think that I had the same thing. Only, I could do something with rivers...or water...or something.

"I think your a bit shocked from Emma's fall Skye." Seph told her.

"Yeah. Controlling the weather? I mean, no one can do that Skye." Aidan agreed.

"Yeah." Ellori and Austin said in union. Skye looked hurt and betrayed. She caught my eye and so did everyone else.  At that point, I didn't care if the others thought that I was crazy. I knew that something was up and I was gonna tell them, no matter how out of this world it sounded. 

"I agree with Skye. Only, I think that I can do stuff with water." They all looked at me, frowns on their faces. Skye was the only one who looked happy to hear my revelation. 

"See." She said, sticking her hands in the air. She closed her eyes again, only this time,  the snow stopped but was replaced by fat drops of rain. The wind picked up again and thunder rolled across the dark sky. I used my supposed 'power' to keep the water drops away from me, leaving me the only dry one out of us all. Skye opened her eyes and dropped her hands to her side. The rain instantly stopped and I called off my ability. We looked at the others. They were drenched and had a look of astonishment plastered across their faces.

"Ok. I believe you." Austin said to us quickly. I smirked and Skye nodded her head in an approving sort of way. "So can you, like, make it sunny so that I can dry off faster?"

"Sure." Skye closed her eyes and the sun peeked out from behind the dark clouds. She opened her eyes for the last time.

"So, do we keep going?" Seph turned to face us.

"Yes." Aidan said. He sounded so sure, so willing, so determined.

"Ok then." Seph looked over at me, his hair wet and stringy. "Um, Emma...could you, uh..." He turned towards the river and gestured to it. 

"Yes?"  I was mocking him.

"Can you... I mean...oh come on. Will it give you that much pleasure to hear me admit that you have a really cool power?"

"Why it sure would. Ok everyone. Follow me!" I marched to the edge of the river, the others close behind. My hands curled into fists and that rush came to me again. There was a loud roar and the river split before our eyes. We walked across on dry land and I felt a bit like a Moses at the moment.  Once we were on the other side and were walking away, the river closed back up and Seph said so that only I could hear,

"Yup. You really can manipulate water."


The End

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