After Mr. Binks finished walking us to the mountain, he told us to climb it!!!! I liked extreme games, but none of us were dressed for this, and I'd never climbed a mountain before!

His threat about ou familys didn't bug me so much, I mean, mine was already gone. But the others, Emma included seemed to be really worried. I moved closer to Emma, I didn't like seeing her so distraught.

After Mr. Binks left, we started up the mountain. The others kept complaining about the cold, I personally didn't feel that bad, quite nice up here actually. And after some socks were exchanged ( not by me... I never ever ever wore other people's socks!!!),  we pushed further up the mountain. 

The path was rocky, and we slipped at places, but it wasn't horrid. Some trash piles topped this place. 

"I hear something!" Skye shouted, trying to get her voice over the loud rushing sound.

I tensed, waiting for whatever was coming. 

"There's a raging river up ahead!" Austin shouted, "There's no crossing point!" he exclaimed.

Great, perfect, another challenge. And hadn't Mr. Binks said 'the first challenge'?!?!?!

All of a sudden a fierce wind picked up, and before I could grab her, Emma flew off her feet and towards the river.

"Emma!!!!" I screamed, charging forwards.

However, before I could reah her, the river parted right where she landed!!!!! I halted abruptly, what was going on?! The river serperated (and was dry!!) where Emma was, and the fierce wind had stopped, and Skye was knocked out. 

I rushed to Emma, and dragged her out. Her breathe came out ragged and her eyes were wide.

"I think I moved the water," she whispered, loud enough for us to hear, yet quite enough for us to know that she was freaked out.

"um..." was all I could say, my mind heading back to what Mr. Binks has said earlier, about us being super strong.... was this what he meant!?!?

"Mr.Binks said something earlier.." Elorri trailed off, glancing at Seph. 

"D'you think this is what he meant?!" Austin asked, he was squatting beside Skye, trying to get her to wake up again, he succeeded.

"Guys, I think..." she trailed, her eyes barely opened but her mind had alrady made some sort of connection.

What was going on?!!?!


The End

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