I looked around at everyone as we stood up; Mr Binks seemed to want us to go with him to some sort of training centre. The six of us followed him out the room, I wondered what would happen if I refused to go, but I was the only one to not have a needle stuck into me, and I wasn't too keen on it happening. Elorri went in front of me and I followed her lead, the rest of the group wondered apprehensive. We stepped outside into the cold morning air and looked at the huge mountain which stood before us, it was really beautiful the huge ice giant.

"Right," he called getting attention, "you've been brought here for a reason." He stopped to let this sink in, "does anyone know what that reason is?" he asked,

"For a TV game show?" muttered Austin, Mr Binks didn't hear,

"To work," he narrowed his eyes, "You all have something which makes you as a group of people special and efficient. Together you're stronger than an army, better team players than a football team and more efficient than a machine. Together you are extraordinary." I nudged Elorri and she grinned,

"Oh yes we are," she whispered,

"You need to prove this..." Mr Binks shouted, "and it is my great pleasure to introduce the first task," we all stopped fidgeting and listened, "climb the mountain!" he cried pointing at the huge thing. I gulped,

"How?" Austin asked,

"It's impossible without equipment," Aiden added,

"I'm not giving you options," Mr Binks told us, "It's either this, or you'll never see your family again!"

"What? You can't do that!" Skye cried,

"Says who? Who dictates what I can and can't do?" he asked,

"I do," I put myself forward,

"Wrong!" he shouted back at me, "I do." With that he paused and looked at us, "And so if you don't complete this little task, it won't be a case of trapping you hear... your family will die."

"No!" cried Emma. "He can't do this! Tell me he can't do this!" she said through tears,

"But he can," Austin whispered,

"Now go!" Mr Binks yelled. We all shuffled but didn't move anywhere,

"Can't we get a coat?" Elorri asked,

"No!" he spat, Mr Binks strolled passed us back into the cabin, "Oh and before you even think about cheating, we're going to know what's happening every moment of every day you're out there... you've been bugged." With that the door slammed shut leaving us out in the cold.

"Plan of action anyone?" I asked,

"Nope," Skye said popping the ‘P'.

"I say let's just get to the mountain," Aiden said,

"What we're really going to climb it?" Emma asked,

"What choice do we have?" I asked, "this or our families are murdered, because of us," I swallowed again thinking about my mum, my innocent mum...

"Okay I'm with... sorry what's your name?" Elorri asked,

"Aiden," he replied,

"I'm with Aiden, let's just get to the mountain, there may be an obvious path which we can't see from here." I smiled at her back as we headed towards it; Elorri was obviously someone who tried to see the good in everything. We didn't say much as we stumbled over the uneven terrain, the cold was beginning to get to my feet, I felt even worse for the Skye and Elorri who didn't even wear socks with their shoes, Emma was okay in some boots.  


We arrived at the mountain, I looked up it was way above 1,000 feet.

"No path," Austin said,

"Not even an easy route," Emma complained,

"Seriously this sucks; I want it to be a dream which I can wake up from!" Skye said dejectedly, as she spoke the wind picked up and swirled around us, "I mean it's freezing and my feet are practically dead already!" as she spoke again snow began to fall around us,

"The weather is getting worse," I said,

"Oh God, we're going to die out here aren't we?" cried Emma looking at the grey sky,

"Don't say  that," I told her, "We've just got to be positive," I put my arm on Skye's shoulder, "Come on Skye cheer up, you can put on my socks," Skye smiled up at me and the snow suddenly stopped falling around us.

"Thanks," she grinned, I took off my Doc Martins and handed her my thick socks. Putting my feet back in my shoes I looked at everyone, "well what's stopping us?" I asked and began to walked up the shallow gradient of the bottom of the mountain.


The End

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