We were finally let out of the truck after much bruising and bouncing.  We were lead to this tower like thing and climbed the stairs, not knowing where Mr. Binks was leading us. We were dead silent.  Or at least, most of us were.

“Hey, Mr. Binks. Is there a, like, a bathroom anywhere in this…um...well, whatever it is? I really need to go, and I’ve been holding it in for quite some time now.” Even though I really didn’t  know Aidan all that well, it seemed like the right thing for him (only him) to say at that particular moment.

Mr. Binks just shot him a look and kept on taking one step up after the other.  Aidan shrugged and then became quiet. I admired his boldness, and I really had to go to…

We were all out of breath once we made it to the top of the long staircase.  There was (go figure) a large wooden door with an iron handle attached to it at the end of a short hall.  Aidan bit his lip, I suspect to keep it in a bit longer, and Skye looked at me. She looked how I felt. Scared. 

Mr. Binks reached out his hand to open the door of doom. I half expected bats or something to come flying out as soon a he swung open the heavy door, but when he did, no such thing happened. Mr. Binks stood there, holding the door wide open for us to enter, like we were some kind of royalty and he was our butler. A very big butler at that. 

Austin was the first one to take a step into the room. 

“WOAH! Hey come on in guys! This place is amazing!” His voice echoed out in the stone hall that the rest of us were standing out in. Ellori looked at us and then followed Austin’s foot steps. Her eyes went wide as she looked around herself. Then she disappeared, lost in wonder, to get a better look at the room. Aidan let out a quick breath and mumbled so that only I  could hear,

“It’s about time. Where is it?” And just like Austin and Ellori, he went off, searching his surroundings quickly followed by Skye and Seph.  I turned my head over to face Mr. Binks. He nodded, not saying anything. I looked back at the door way. Just go in. 

I quickly took a step into the mysterious room.

It was beautiful. There was a warm glow to the place, probably coming from the happy fire place against a long wall. There were Laz-Y-Boys and two small but very comfortable looking couches in one section of the room. In another section, there were bookcases stacked with old looking books. A beautiful oak desk was standing near the bookcases, a perfect study area. I turned around to find a small kitchen. There was a decent looking sink, a stove, a mini refrigerator and, thank goodness, a microwave. I took a quick peek in the cupboards above that were already stuffed with all the essentials needed for eating and cooking.  There was a hall way big enough to take over the last bit of the room. It looked like it lead to a bunch of doors. I’d explore that later. 

There was a thump as Mr. Binks closed the door behind me. I jumped  in surprise as I heard a click. Great. Now I’m locked in a room with people I only sort of knew. Just great. Austin bolted past me and began banging on the door.

"Come on! Not again!" He yelled at it. We were truly locked in. 

Eventually, Austin gave in and went to take a seat on a Laz-Y-Boy. Another quick glance around the room revealed a mini snack bar in the living room. I made a dash for it, passing Austin, who had finally calmed down and was now sitting on a Laz-Y-Boy, Skye, Ellori, and Seph.  Once I made it over to the bar, I started looking. YES! It was in the corner, full of hot coffee! A coffee maker! I grabbed a large red mug and began pouring myself a cup of heaven. Once that was done, I went to go and sit with the others. The couch looked good, seeing how it was one of the two open spots. I sat down and was later joined by Aidan, who I assumed had just come from the bathroom. 

"So, should we like, go around in a circle again or something?" Skye finally spoke up. I looked around and was about to say something when Aidan began,

"Well, Hi everyone."He started. "My name is Aidan. I'm 17. I originated from Ireland, but am currently locked up in  a strange room with people I don't really know." You got that right, I thought to myself.  "I live where I please, go to school occasionally but remain an A+ sutdent because all the other kids there are bozos. My favourite game to play is Massive. Where you follow clues and try to beat other players to the treasure. It can go on for days, you could get hurt by other players, and you never know who else is playing. It's awesome. And... that's probably all you need to know about me for the moment." Well now. He certainly seemed like an interesting person to get to know. He grinned at me and I think that I may have actually blushed. Wait, I blushed?  At him?!

"Well, my name is Skye, spelled S-K-Y-E, not S-K-Y like everyone thinks." Skye broke into my disturbing thoughts. I felt my face relax and I gave my attention to Skye.  "I live in the outside Exeter. I'm 16 year of age. I am an A+ student as well. Not exteremly atheltic, but I took ballet when I was seven. I enjoy kayaking and have always wanted to go sky diving." She took a bite into the cookie she had been holding for a while. I couldn't help but think if that cookie was as good as my coffee.

I took a breath in and began my story.

"I'm-" Just then the door behind me clicked and five old men with long white beards walked into the room.  They had on long robes and a silver glow hovered around them. Mr. Binks was behind them, looking serious. Uh-oh. 

"Greetings young ones," Double uh-oh. "Welcome to the training center." Now we were in for it.

The End

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