After being brought out of the truck, I was happy to be anywhere. And 'anywhere' happened to be in a spacious room, a coffee/snack table on one wall, opposite was a fireplace surrounded by couches and Laz-Y-Boys, and to the opposite side of the door was another smaller one, which I suspected led to the bathroom. It was really quite nice.

Aidan walked over to the bathroom door, and used the facilities while Emma made a beeline for the coffee and snacks. I headed to sit on a Laz-y-boy, joining Seph and Elorri who were already on a couch.

Auston finally came to sit, after yelling at the door for a few minutes thinking that it might leave. Americans sure are funny that way. Aidan and Elorri came to join us too, making us all 6 together. 

"So, should we like, go around in a circle again or something?" I asked, unsure of what we should do, I've never read a handbook on what to do when you're kidnapped.

"Well, Hi everyone." Aidan started. "My name is Aidan. I'm 17. I originated from Ireland, but am currently locked up in  a strange room with people I don't really know. I live where I please, go to school occasionally but remain an A+ sutdent because all the other kids there are bozos. My favourite game to play is Massive. Where you follow clues and try to beat other player sto the treasure. It can go on for days, you could get hurt by other players, adn you never know who else is playing. It's awesome. And... that's probably all you need to know about me for the moment." He grinned. Interesting.

"Well, my name is Skye, spelled S-K-Y-E, not S-K-Y like everyone thinks." I started, wanted to keep the stories rolling. "I live in the outside Exeter. I'm 16 year of age. I am an A+ student as well. Not exteremly atheltic, but I took ballet when I was seven. I enjoy kayaking and have always wanted to go sky diving." I finished by taking a bite of the cookie I had grabbed on my way over to the chair.

Emma started to open her mouth but the door began to creak,and we all turned towards. Five old men, with the long white beards and everything, walked into the room. Not talking. just filing in. 

"Greetings young ones," the first started. His long, blue, wizard like looking robes swishing slightly as he moved his hands. "Welcome to the training center." 

The End

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