I woke up groggily and waited for my eyes to adjust to the darkness of wherever it was that I was trapped in. I took in a deep breath, wherever it was it certainly wasn’t a plane to Switzerland. Was I still in Switzerland? What had happened? I groaned and rolled over.

“Good morning gorgeous,” came a voice from beside me. I rolled away and sat up. Had he (I think it was a he judging by the voice) just called me gorgeous? I couldn’t recognize the voice, and if I didn’t know him then whoever he was certainly didn’t have much shame.

I scooted a little farther away from him and ran into someone’s chest, “Hey there, “I’m Seph,” he informed me as I looked around to see a boy, about my age, looking down at me. He was tall and I could feel his well-muscled chest against my back. Yet I could see intelligence dancing behind his eyes as well. I embarrassedly disconnected myself from him, but wished that I could have stayed against him. He looked nice.

“I’m Elorri,” I informed him. I looked around and saw that there were also other people in the car.

“I’m Austin,” the guy with no shame informed me.

“I’m Aiden,” said another boy with an Irish accent. I love Irish accents they sound so cool. “She is Emma, and she is Skye.” He introduced the other two.

I smiled hesitantly, “Hi…does anyone know where we are or what we are doing?” I asked.

Seph shook his head, “No one seems to know…I know we are somewhere in Switzerland…but that is about it.”

Outside I heard the crunching of gravel, and then there was a lurch as whatever we were in came to a halt. Footsteps sounded outside as someone walked around. The ceiling was opened and light came streaming through. I had to squint up to see the face of Mr. Binks. “Sorry about the rough ride, but we’re here now so if you would all get out in single file please.” He ordered us. We obeyed and all got out one by one. When it was my turn I got out into the freezing cold air and stood in the snow.

The view was amazing! We were on a huge, isolated mountain overlooking a wide, empty, and snow covered plain. Mr. Binks hustled us all into a house and put us all into a room. The door shut and I heard a key turn in the lock. Austin immediately started to slam into the door. “Come on! Not again!” he shouted.

I ignored the rest of what he said and instead looked around the room. It was actually quite comfortably furnished with two overstuffed couches as well as an additional two overstuffed Lay-Z-Boy seats. There was also a fire crackling happily in a hearth on the wall opposite the door. I moved quickly to take a seat next to Seph, he was really cute too now that I saw him in the light! Maybe British guys were better than American ones after all! Especially seeing as Austin was the only one here to represent American guys…we had gotten off to a bad start…

The End

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