I woke up and snapped my eyes open. Nothing. I began to panic; why couldn’t I see anything? My eyes were open! I should be able to see! I sat up and began to feel around desperately.

“Hi.” I jumped about a mile. The girl who had said that started laughing along with several others.

I glared at them. (I could kind of see now as my eyes adjusted to the darkness around.) “Some people,” I begun haughtily, “can be so scary sometimes!” I finished with a grin. There was a jerk as whatever place we were in…I think it was a van or car or something…maybe a bus…started moving. I fell over into a guys lap and he stared down at me. I grinned back up at him. “Hello there, I’m Austin by the way.”

This set the two girls off laughing again and I grinned even wider. I loved making people laugh…even in situations like this it is always good to laugh. I straightened myself out quickly and looked at each one of them, after the girls had calmed down some it got very quiet.

“Alright then, I see I’m going to have to start this. My name is Austin. I’m from Phoenix, Arizona. Ummmm, my favorite color is uhhh, hmm, green I think; like jade green not that wimpy neon stuff. So yeah…am I the only one that doesn’t know where this…vehicle…is headed?”

“I’m Seph,” said the boy whose lap I had landed on.

“I’m Emma!” This from the girl in front of me. “You wouldn’t happen to have any coffee on you would you?”

I grinned widely, “Oh yeah, I carry that with me wherever I go…no matter where I am I always carry my cup of coffee…even when I’ve just been kidnapped!”

Everyone laughed and I winked at her, hoping it would take any bite off my jibe.

“I’m Aiden,” said another boy from the other side of the “room.”

“I’m Skye, and to answer your last question: no none of us know where we are headed right now.”

“Well then, I say we get out of here while we still can!” I joked, knowing that there was almost definitely no way out. That earned me a wry smile from Skye.

“HEY!” I yelled, banging on the wall of whatever it was we were in. “You think you could let us out for a bit? Or maybe tell us what the heck is happening to us?” There was no answer and I groaned. What kind of predicament were we in anyway? Were we going to be slaves for the rest of our lives? Maybe we were going to be test subjects…

I sighed heavily and leaned against the wall. Only when I put my hand back to support me, it brushed against something soft. The soft thing groaned and I sprang up, to get a better look. It was another girl! 

The End

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