I woke up, dazed. darkness still surrounded me, making me think I was in the dreams that I had had when I was under. But I heard some voices, hazy at first, but becoming clearer with each second.

"Can he hear us?" one asked, an american accent, where was I?! Not in Ireland an longer I guessed.

"His eyes are open," another voice said, female like the first but this time it was British," that means he's at least alive."

"He's probably listening to us right now," a male added, british again, "can you hear me?" he asked.

I groaned in response, hoping it was load enough for them to hear. I didn't want to be dead.

"Told ya," he said, satisfaction evident in all his words,"how are you feeling?" he asked, addressing me now.

"Just smashing,": I responded, "more grand than I've felt since I was last captured." I always prided myself in being able to think of come-backs, no matter how weak, they seemed to make people crack a smile. If not, I would crack it for them.

One of the girls giggled the american I think. Glad I could make someone laugh. I gradually tried sitting up, almost toppling over had it not been for my new companions help. I could tell this was going to be a bumpy ride.

I felt hot all over all of a sudden, a burning feeling. As soon as it came, it left. I figured it was just the drugs purging from my body. Good ridiance, I didn't want them.

My eyes had been adjusting, and I began to make out the forms of the two girls, they were sitting beside one another. Htey looked like they'd seen better days. HTeir hair was tussled in a non-fashionable way, their faces had some dirt and blood streaked on it, and they looked fatigued. BUt I still found them fascinating, a certain glint came form the american's eyes that made me want to sit besdie her and hold her hand. woah, I did not just think that.

The guy, the Brit, was beside me, his hands looking like they would be able to catch me if a fell sideways, which I might just do.

"So, if I told you that I was captured by Mr. Binks, and woke up in a bumby container with strange people form foreign lands, would you call me crazy?" I asked innocently.

THey grinned at me, hopefully becoming instant friends.

"Well, I might call you that, or just a copy cat of what happened to me." one of the girls said.

"So, do any of you have names? My peeps call me Aidan." I said, hoping to find out the american's name.

"Seph, from Harrogate. Going to Switzerland, got on the wrong bus and the next thing I know, Mr Binks has me in his clutches." he said, concluding his capture story, not to different from mine, except for the fact that it was.

"Skye, from London. Kidnapped and injected form my school. Woke up here. THe frugs made me delusional for a bit, I thought we were on the ocean, but we relly were on some sort of road. The window I thought I saw wasn't really even there..." she trailed off, as if trying to figure out how she managed that.

"And I'm Emma, of New York. Coffee addict. Kidnapped and injected from Starbucks, the best place ever." she said with a smile, and a longing. Coffee, that was a powerful word.

"Cool. Well, sorta.." I trailed, not quite sure of how to reveal my story. They didn't seem to expect me to, so I just set my self up against the wall, and closed my eyes. My head hurt like crazy, but I was happy. Sort of, happy to have friends at least.

Light flooeded in, causing me to snap out of my day dreams and thoughts. 

Two lumps were heaved in, and the doors closed. The two things moved, and revealed themselves to be humans. How many of us were going to be collected?!!?

The End

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