I woke up, startled and wondering where I was. Blackness still engulfed my vision, but it was beginning to clear.

Using my other sensing, I detected that we were in a moving car, not sure why exactly, was I going to Paris with my form? That didn't seem right, there was something that happened, something big... what was it?!?!?

I thought and thought, racking my brain. Then I got it!! I was drugged, that was it, and that made sense.

My vision was beginning to clear, and I looked around, trying to see anything familiar. Nothing.

I sat up quietly, not wishing to disturb anyone who might mean me harm.

I saw that I was in a van, with the back mostly to myself except for a covered lump in the corner that I contemplated taking a peek at later.

First, I was determined to look out the window, and maybe discover who had captured me. The situation I was in was not the greatest, but maybe I could find out where I was.

I crawled over to the single window that was cracked just a bit, and looked out. I gasped, all I saw was water. I stumbled back once realizing this fact, and in doing so I hit my head again and blacked out. Great.

Upon waking up again, my vision returned immediately, without the effect of the drugs I guess it was unhindered. So, with sight, I guess I could see.

Once realizing this, I looked for the funny lump. Glancing towards the corner, I realized it wasn't there anymore, strange. I turned and looked behind me and again gasped-but didn't hit my head.

“Hey there sleepy,” the girl said, slightly cheerfully, but not quite since we were in the middle of the ocean. “Um, hi there.” I said, this was weird.

“Where are we?” I asked, the question not leaving my mind no matter what happened.

“That's what I wanted to ask you,” she said somewhat dejectedly. “You're British?”

I nodded my head, and asked her where she was from.

“New York mostly, but I have a Pennsylvanian accent cause I lived there till I was five,” She said. “Emma by the way, you?” she asked somewhat hastily.

“Skye, Skye Henders of London.” I replied, wishing I could remember my American geography. Geography was never my forte.

“A certain Mr. Binks stabbed me and apparently brought me here, what happened to you?” She asked.

“Same, I was at school, out in the hall, he came, stabbed my with a creepy syringe thing, and I woke up here. You were in the corner before I knocked myself out again, you must have woken when I was out. Have you seen the driver yet?” I asked, I was hungry and tired, but I wanted information.

“Nope, and I have no idea about anything else. I just know that if I don't have any coffee soon, I'm gonna die.” She stated ,making my crack a smile. Coffee addicts.

I sat up against the wall, staring a nothing and occasionally looking at Emma. This was going to be a long trip.

I closed my eyes again, and felt alight prick above me heart again a while later. I cared not, because I remained asleep, and dreaming strange but wonderful things.

The End

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